Basics of Green

The Mania of Tanzania: Details about coffee production in Tanzania, focusing on the South area of Mbeya. This is not a marketing puff piece.
Green Coffee Storage: Coffee storage basics for home users, and an overview of how coffee in handled in transit from origin.
Choosing Green Coffee; Replacing a Favorite... (Video): How to Choose Green Coffee to Home Roast
Blending Basics (with Espresso Blend section): Blending is done for several reasons. Presumably, the goal is to make a coffee that is higher in cup quality...
Choosing Green Coffee FAQ: Q: What coffee should I choose? A: Sweet Maria's Coffee offers over 50 different kinds of coffee, so we get this question a lot.
Macro Images of Coffee: From Cherry to Green to Roasted: Macro images give you a good chance to study detail in both green and roasted coffee.
Here's Looking at Green Beans: To an expert, green coffee is a text. It can be read bean by bean, telling the entire story of the coffee...
What in the Buna is a Holiday Blend!?: The notorious Holiday Blend concept...
Yemen Sanaani High Variability Image Gallery: Yemen coffees are like no other. For the most part, there are no real coffee farms in Yemen, not like Central America and such.
Brazil Defect Image Gallery: Organic Brazil, so sad, facing a full-on assault of insect, fungus, poor nutrition. And on top of that, grown at 900 meters.
Sumatra Defect Image Gallery: Traditional Sumatra coffees are wet-hulled. It's also called semi-washed coffee which may or may not be accurate...
Tiny Joy: Jan-Feb 2010: Choosing Coffees “What coffee should I choose?”
SIngle Bean Macro Images: This is a collection of single seed coffee images I took, representing different varietals and processes. It is by no means exhaustive....
Utz Kapeh: "Fair Trade Lite": Utz Kapeh is not the same as Fair Trade, but does aim to repair the problem with the low prices in the broader coffee market.
Coffee Production Timetable: A very general and rough guide to the Coffee Crop Cycle and should be regarded as an estimate, not a definitive.
Taste Evaluation of Green Coffee Bean Samples Prior to Purchase & Use by Michael Sivetz: From his SCAA presentation, the basics of sample evaluation.
CO-2 Decaf Method: This method uses two natural elements, pure water and carbon dioxide to extract caffeine from the coffee grains.
Ethyl Acetate Decaf Process by Cafiver Inc.: from Cafiver Inc, Veracruz Mexico, Ethyl Acetate Decaffeinating Facility
Health and Ecological Concerns: Maybe some day in the future we will discover that caffeine was the root of all human evil, but studies on the long-term health effects
Green Coffee Freshness Issues: As of late, I have began to question the notion that green coffee is a commodity that seems to have a longer shelf life than Plutonium....
Costa Rica Coffee Competition: Competition for Costa Rican coffee sends local market prices in an upward trajectory, despite a dip in the Commodities Market.
The State of East African Coffee by Timothy J. Castle: Timothy J. Castle looks at the various coffee origins of East Africa and finds the coffee industry a shadow of its once glorious self.
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Tiny Joy: Feb/Mar/April 2013: Origin Issue: Ethiopia
The Coffee Cherry: Coffee is a deciduous, shrub-like tree. Most cultivars used in commercial production are pruned back each year to less than 8 feet in height,...
Tiny Joy: March 2011: The Lean Times; Coffee Research, What's Next?
Green Coffee Storage: From Crop to Cup by Chris Lee: This article is aimed at large roasters, brokers, exporters and other producers. A bit dated but still some pertinent info....