Cultivation of Coffee

Origins of Gesha Coffee ... I mean Gecha, I mean Gorei ...: Thoughts on where and when Gesha coffee was "discovered"
What is Wet-Processed Coffee?: More detailed version of our printed card ... wet-process coffee means the skin (pulp) is peeled from the fruit before it is dried...
I Found the Future in Brazil (and now I feel like crying): The bleeding edge of coffee techniques in Brazil and the future of Specialty coffee here and everywhere.
New(ish) Methods in Brazil Coffee Production: Details on processing innovations. Some of the sorta new and very, very new ways to pick and process coffee that I found in Brazil.
Why Should You Know Giling Basah?: In the Bahasa language of Indonesia, Giling Basah means "wet hulled."
Guatemala: Proyecto Xinabajul: For years we have thought about working in a more direct way with small farmers in Guatemala; in 2013 this effort came to fruition.
Coffee Varietal Images: This is a collection of coffee cultivar images from my travels. It's not complete and I am sure...
Coffee Processing in El Salvador (Video): From tree to coffee mill in El Salvador
El Salvador Wet Processing (Video): Close up of coffee processing in a wet mill.
Microscopic Images of Coffee Seed: Structure and Defects: coffea arabica - coffee plant root structure and early leaf formation
Wet Processing Coffee at Home: I brought back some coffee cherry on a recent trip to Costa Rica, and after planting some, I had leftovers. What to do?
Womens Coop Duhingekawa Rushashi: Abakundakawa is a 1700 member cooperative that mills its coffee at the Rushashi washing station.
Exotic Coffee Cultivars: Besides coffea arabica and coffea robusta (canefora), there are no other coffee cultivars that are currently in commercial production.
Growing Coffee at Home: To have great success growing your own coffee from seed, you need a whole, ripe coffee cherry or from parchment coffee, aka pergamino
Costa Rica Coffee Competition: Competition for Costa Rican coffee sends local market prices in an upward trajectory, despite a dip in the Commodities Market.
What is Dry-Processed Coffee?: The online version of our dry-processed information card that we send (or sent) in orders. This text is more detailed!
How Can a Leaf Rust? Roya in Guatemala: The problem of coffee fungus in Central America: La Roya. An update from Antigua by Tom
The Effect of Bad Weather on Coffee: The Brazil Situation: