Old, Big, Odd

A Look Around Colombia, October 2015: A travelogue of a typical "origin trip" for us these days...
Antique Home Coffee Roasters: A look at some antique roasters I have accumulated over the years. Not an exhaustive gallery.. .
Ethiopia First Crack (Video): On a trip to Ethiopia, Tom captured video of coffee roasting as a part of a traditional coffee ceremony.
Our Deidrich 12 K Roaster: Some pictures of our Diedrich 12 K Roaster .. moving it, installing it, and running over Judy's hedgehog.
The Roasters of Intelligentsia : Intelligentsia is the place where you find everything Gothot, the German manufacturer was subsumed to Probat years ago.
Nifty Coffee Roaster Image Gallery : In no particular order, this is a photo gallery of diverse commercial and non-commercial coffee roasters I have seen, used,...
Pinhalenense Sample Roasters from Brazil: We sold all of these sample roasters - the three we had.
Comments on the Coffee Kinetics 1 lb Roaster: We have been testing the propane model of the Coffee Kinetics roaster, and now have a natural gas model in use at the shop.
Review of Pro 1500 Roaster from Brightway: The Caffé Rosto Pro 1500 is a 1-3.3 Lb. small batch roaster for coffee shops, restaurants etc. We never sold this roaster...
Tiny Joy: September/October 2011: A Bump on the Butt of Specialty Coffee
Small Quality-Obsessed Coffee Roasters On the Rise!: