Roasting This Week: Costa Rica and Tanzania


We have so many great Costa Rica coffees right now, it would be a shame not to roast as many of them as we can before they sell out.

This Tuesday we will be roasting Costa Rica Helsar - Magdalena Vega. This coffee shines at a City+, so you can expect that it will be developed a little past first crack. The cup possesses the archetype of Costa Rica coffee character in nut-to-chocolate roast tastes and restrained sweetness of caramelized sugars that balance it out.

Jun - Jul 2003: Costa Rica: Can a Coffee Be Too Perfect?; Just One More Inscrutable Detail …

Sun, 2003-06-01

Costa Rica: Can a Coffee Be Too Perfect?
There's a few of us in the coffee trade… over-opinionated, obsessive, bi-polar green coffee buyers. We like an underdog, and will champion a great,

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