Roast Profiling


When we talk about roast profiles , we can be talking about a few different things.

Firstly, we can be talking about the flavor profile of a coffee; how the coffee tastes, the mouthfeel, acidity, balance, etc. Flavor profile characteristics are of course determined by the coffee itself, but are greatly impacted by the roast profile. A roast profile is basically what happened during the roast and what adjustments were made to effect the outcome.

Taste and Price: When Values Shift


I miss a lot of things that happen in the coffee press. There's just too much out there. But I recently caught glimpse of this and found it very thought-provoking.

 Posting the image above to Instagram and asking for comments lead to a huge range of reactions. So I thought I would post my own thoughts in a better-suited format here. 

There's No Accounting for Taste


This has been a very challenging week for cupping. Why? I can't taste.

It all started on December 21st when we were flying to my sisters house in Tucson for Christmas. Ben turned to me on the airplane and sneezed directly into my gaping mouth. (I wonder if you can buy those full face shields the dentists use these days, for protection when your kid is sick. It's just a given he is going to sneeze directly on me at some point).

Teaching to Taste


1. We all Taste, why do we taste?

The famous non-attributable quote goes “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture”. Don’t try to tell me who actually said it first, that’s mostly unimportant. What’s important is that writing about any sensory experience is a rather challenging endeavor.

Using Taste to Determine Degree of Roast


No other sense is as important in determining roast level as the flavor.  The problem is that you can’t brew your coffee until it’s done roasting. Some folks can actually tell quite a bit about roast level by crunching a roasted bean between their teeth and eating it, but the most important information about your roast results must be tasted by brewing your coffee. Rest your coffee for 24-48 hours after roasting before making any judgment about your roast level.

Jun - Jul 2003: Costa Rica: Can a Coffee Be Too Perfect?; On the Flip Side …; Just One More Inscrutable Detail …

Sun, 2003-06-01
Sample and roasting room of S. Cassinelli and Co. San Francisco. Circa 1920

Costa Rica: Can a Coffee Be Too Perfect?
There's a few of us in the coffee trade… overopinionated, obsessive, bi-polar green coffee buyers. We like an underdog, and will champion a great, under-appreciated coffee ad nauseam. And conversely we will hurl invective with enthusiasm at an overrated coffee. There's nothing in-between, greatness and

Aug 2000: Panama Cuppings, La Berlina

Tue, 2000-08-01

Panama Cuppings, La Berlina

Mar – Apr - May 2006: Roaster Fundamentals

Wed, 2006-03-01

Roaster Fundamentals

Jan - Feb 2002: Big Differences and Dumb Details

Tue, 2002-01-01

Big Differences and Dumb Details
In my experience, people come to home coffee roasting because they want consistently better coffee, and because they don't mind (or even enjoy!) the craft of roasting. But certainly even the most diehard "do-it-yourselfer" does not start roasting because they lack an abundance of nagging details and unpleasant tasks in their workaday world.

Jan - Feb 2000: A Matter of Taste; Napoleon Would Be Proud; Web Page Upgrades

Sat, 2000-01-01

A Matter of Taste
Finding the coffees you like is no easy task, but the reward is great. I hope our Coffee Cupping Reviews* help you select coffees you might like, but it is going to take some experimentation and a few blunders to flesh out your preferences. And coffee presents some special problems; the tastes are subtle and complex compared to other beverages, and the language to describe them unfamiliar.

Dec 2000: Here Comes The New Crop; In Defense of Cupping

Fri, 2000-12-01

It’s true that coffee produced around the world arrives in the United States continuously, but there are certain moments in the crop cycle when the best coffees become available. This varies based on origin, but by coincidence many favorites arrive in the first few months of the new year.

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