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Herculano Post Card

I like to take pictures, I like to travel, and I sell coffee. On its face, myself and many others do the same in a straightforward way, especially when we go to a specific farm or mill where we are buying. We point our cameras at the farmer, at their trees, and their dog, at their wet-pulper machine, at their family members, and we take a picture.

May/June 2011: Farms as Brand Names

Mon, 2011-05-16

From the beginning, Sweet Maria’s Coffee has  identified coffees we sell with as much information as possible:  detailed farm info, altitude, cultivar, photographs, processing details.. Beyond simply describing a product we sell, we provide clues to the quality that we found in the cup.

Aug - Sept 2008: Fair Trade Is, Fair Trade Isn’t; Roasted Postcards

Fri, 2008-08-01
farm gate

Fair Trade Is, Fair Trade Isn’t by Maria

July - Aug 2001: An Excellent Cup of Fair Coffee, A Foreign Matter, Malabar Gold Shipments from Late ‘00, Coffee Buying Tips

Sun, 2001-07-01

An Excellent Cup of Fair Coffee
I gave a little phone interview last week to an AP reporter about the current state of the coffee market (exactly why she called a small-fry like me, I am not sure). I tried to explain why the coffee market is hurting farmers, and I listed what I consider 4 of the biggest problems in order of importance:

• There are way too many coffee farmers in the world and too much coffee on the market… too much bad coffee, that is…
• Vietnam and Brazil flood the market with low-quality, low-price coffee;

Jan - Feb 2001: The "Other" East African Coffees; Questionable Politics & Quality Coffee

Mon, 2001-01-01

The "Other" East African Coffees
It's almost a crime: some of the most balanced, complex coffees in the world are overshadowed by the powerhouse of East Africa … Kenya. Great Kenya coffees are showstoppers … they stun the palate with volatile aromas and fruity acidity, the flavors complex, the aftertaste is long and intense.

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