Jun - Jul 1999: Decisions, Decisions.; Footnotes From the Last Issue

Tue, 1999-06-01

Decisions, Decisions.

Selecting good green coffee from the many samples I cup daily is the most enjoyable and the most challenging part of what I do. It is really at the core of a business like ours, so I thought I would explain my preferences and prejudices a bit. The fact is, there are many coffees out there, and they don't fall neatly into categories of good and bad. One cuppers "winey" is another's "ferment," and an estate name is no guarantee. Even though each broker thinks they offer the best, you can't take them for their word ...you must cup and decide.

July - Aug 2001: An Excellent Cup of Fair Coffee, A Foreign Matter, Malabar Gold Shipments from Late ‘00, Coffee Buying Tips

Sun, 2001-07-01

An Excellent Cup of Fair Coffee
I gave a little phone interview last week to an AP reporter about the current state of the coffee market (exactly why she called a small-fry like me, I am not sure). I tried to explain why the coffee market is hurting farmers, and I listed what I consider 4 of the biggest problems in order of importance:

• There are way too many coffee farmers in the world and too much coffee on the market… too much bad coffee, that is…
• Vietnam and Brazil flood the market with low-quality, low-price coffee;

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