Origins of Gesha Coffee ... I mean Gecha, I mean Gorei ...


I used to have this vain notion I was "there" for the discovery of Gesha coffee. Where? Panama, 2002. Or was it 2003? It was the first time the Gesha variety had been put before a panel of tasters, as a separate lot. But I hadn't been to many coffee-growing places yet. I was just trying to take it all in. It probably could have been a fruity over-fermented coffee and I wouldn't know the difference. And I didn't discover anything. I just tasted it, with a lot of other people. Many said things like, "Gee, that's different." We all agreed it was floral. It won. 

The Goal


August 27, 2015

Adios! We're Out! Hooray!


March 19, 2015

Historically this is the time of year when our selection of coffee slims down dramatically, as we await new crop arrivals from some key origins. You wouldn't think that is something to celebrate... but it is!

Green coffee isn't a fresh product in the way we define other produce.  it's not lettuce or peaches, it's a dried seed. Then again it's not like that bag of dried black beans I bought 3 years ago, behind all the cans of soup in the pantry.

Green Coffee Storage at Home


The most important thing to consider in regards to green coffee storage is atmospheric stability. The ideal relative humidity (RH) is around 60% and the ideal relative temperature is around 75 degrees F. If where you live is more/less humid or hot you need to take some measures to protect your green coffee. Most of us do live in climate controlled buildings, so you are pretty set to keep your green in an airtight container in a cabinet; although, humidity is the big factor in the home.

Jan - Feb 2002: Big Differences and Dumb Details

Tue, 2002-01-01

Big Differences and Dumb Details
In my experience, people come to home coffee roasting because they want consistently better coffee, and because they don't mind (or even enjoy!) the craft of roasting. But certainly even the most diehard "do-it-yourselfer" does not start roasting because they lack an abundance of nagging details and unpleasant tasks in their workaday world.

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