Sept - Oct 1999: S.M.'s Rated in Coffee Review; Coffee Prices Hit 5 Year Low!

Wed, 1999-09-01

S.M.'s Rated in Coffee Review

A while back I received an invitation for a special cupping by Ken Davids, author and cupper, for the web publication Coffee Review. The theme was single-shop roasters, so I decided to send off our wonderful Ethiopian Harar and a Mocca Java Blend. Frankly, I was surprised to be rated so high: the straight roast Harar was awarded an 89 and the blend was an 85. Coffee review can be found at Here's Ken Davids' comments:

Score: 89 Ethiopian Harrar Horse

-Sweet Maria's Coffee -Reviewed: Sep-99

Apr - May 1999: Ethiopian Harars Go Chocolate; All About Coffee ...Not Really!; Hooray for Colsuaves

Thu, 1999-04-01

Ethiopian Harars Go Chocolate

Weather patterns and climate changes might play a large role in the cup profiles of coffees from the Harar region for the past 2 years.

Sometime back, we chanced on a wonderful Harar that was very light-bodied with incredible flowery-jasmine aromatics. It was tea like, but not a wimpy cup by any standards. Since that time, Harars have tended toward flavor profiles with deeper hues; intense chocolate notes with stronger earthiness, and fruity aromatics lingering way in the background.

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