Use All Five Senses To Determine Degree of Roast


This is the most important aspect of home roasting to master.  The roasted coffee you buy from the store or your local coffee shop has been roasted on commercial equipment that does provide certain advantages in roasting coffee to a particular level.  However, the main drawbacks are they may roast too dark (in most cases) or not dark enough (in very few cases), and the selection of coffee available to you is limited.  By honing your skills and knowledge you can create roasts that are every bit as good as those from your local shop or store.

The Perfect Roast?


There's a phrase I've been guilty of using in the past, but now really bugs me. The gist of it is:

"I'm just trying to roast the coffee to show its best qualities, without showing my influence over it."

September/October 2011: A Bump on the Butt of Specialty Coffee

Wed, 2011-09-21

A guy goes into a coffee roasting shop and asks if he can buy some green coffee to roast at home. The owner says, "Sure, and I will give you a 10% discount off our roasted coffee price."  The guy thinks to himself, "Golly gee, since I will have 20% weight loss, that means I am basically paying 10% more to have him NOT roast my coffee for me." The guy then starts a web site for home coffee roasting, naming it for his wife, who was certainly sweet to sell $12,000 of Grandpa's stock to get the ball rolling .

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