Bag it up! How Our Customers Package Their Roasts


November 24, 2015

One of the nicest things about a home roasting hobby is sharing your coffee with others. Maybe it's something special you roast up for the holidays, give to friends and neighbors on occassion, bring to work to share, or maybe you even start a little home based roasting business

Mar - Apr 2001: Home Roasting and Freshness

Thu, 2001-03-01

Home Roasting and Freshness
This month’s newsletter topic was inspired by a very mediocre cup of coffee. It was an Auction Lot Kenya, and it was originally a very good coffee (the name isn’t important but it is one we sold in mid-2000). Yet this cup was dull, totally lacking the distinct fruity and flowery aromatics of a good Kenya. What was wrong?

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