Green Coffee Storage


People in the coffee trade used to say that raw coffee was eternal, and we used to agree. The revised estimate is that green coffee lasts about a year from processing (assuming a six-month rotation of stock). We are unlike most green coffee sellers in that we do not have old stock; we are careful to make sure the coffee you receive is as fresh as possible. If we sell out of the previous crop year (something we always want to do) and new crop has not come in, we will not have that coffee until the new season.

Mar - Apr 2001: Home Roasting and Freshness

Thu, 2001-03-01

Home Roasting and Freshness
This month’s newsletter topic was inspired by a very mediocre cup of coffee. It was an Auction Lot Kenya, and it was originally a very good coffee (the name isn’t important but it is one we sold in mid-2000). Yet this cup was dull, totally lacking the distinct fruity and flowery aromatics of a good Kenya. What was wrong?

Apr - May 2000: Snap vs Crack - Web Page Changes...Groan - Green Coffee: How Old is Too Old?

Sat, 2000-04-01

Snap vs. Crack

The Coffee Cupping Reviews for our green coffees often recommend how long you should roast a particular coffee relative to the first crack and the second crack. While it is an imperfect way to talk about the "degree of roast," let me explain why we chose cracks as reference points for how dark the roast is, and the alternatives.

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