Mar – Apr - May 2006: Roaster Fundamentals

Wed, 2006-03-01

Roaster Fundamentals

Jun - Jul - Aug 2005: Kenya, Kenya, Kenya

Wed, 2005-06-01

Kenya, Kenya, Kenya

Feb 2011: More Coffee Market Craziness; Life without Centrals?

Tue, 2011-02-01

Coffee is about to get ridiculously expensive. I sit here in Kenya as I write this, having set aside 271 bags of amazing coffee, but at prices that would have been unbelievable, even last year. Auction prices have hit new highs, $10.08 in last week’s auction. It's hard to speculate if those particular lots were bid up due to some prior arrangement with a buyer who specified no cap, or whether 2 parties thought the coffee was that good. (I cupped a different lot that went over $10 in the auction and did not think it was a real Gran Cru coffee).

Dec 2000: Here Comes The New Crop; In Defense of Cupping

Fri, 2000-12-01

It’s true that coffee produced around the world arrives in the United States continuously, but there are certain moments in the crop cycle when the best coffees become available. This varies based on origin, but by coincidence many favorites arrive in the first few months of the new year.

Jan - Feb: Late 2009 Trip to Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia

Thu, 2009-01-01

In late 2009 I took a trip to Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. Uganda has potential, but there is much quality work to do in harvesting and drying of coffee. Most farmers never drink coffee here ... in fact many don't know exactly what coffee is used for. Because it is ground into powder, and because the government long ago would trade coffee for guns when they lacked money to pay for it, some farmers actually believe coffee is ground and made into gunpowder!

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