Jan - Feb 2001: The "Other" East African Coffees; Questionable Politics & Quality Coffee

Mon, 2001-01-01

The "Other" East African Coffees
It's almost a crime: some of the most balanced, complex coffees in the world are overshadowed by the powerhouse of East Africa … Kenya. Great Kenya coffees are showstoppers … they stun the palate with volatile aromas and fruity acidity, the flavors complex, the aftertaste is long and intense.

Jan - Feb: Late 2009 Trip to Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia

Thu, 2009-01-01

In late 2009 I took a trip to Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. Uganda has potential, but there is much quality work to do in harvesting and drying of coffee. Most farmers never drink coffee here ... in fact many don't know exactly what coffee is used for. Because it is ground into powder, and because the government long ago would trade coffee for guns when they lacked money to pay for it, some farmers actually believe coffee is ground and made into gunpowder!

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