Four new additions

We welcome Ethiopia Goma Duromina Cooperative with ripe berry and chocolate in a sweet, delicate cup.

Sourcing info straight from the source

Here's the footage from the live webcast we did with Dan and Aleco, two of our coffee source-erers. We are now using "Google Hangouts On Air" which is commercial-free. In the future, you can expect better audio and video quality as we get used to our new broadcasting format.

A nice fruited Hawaiian and the re-stocking of the Behmor 1600

We just added Hawaii Kainaliu Kona Maragogype to our offerings page. We have limited it to 1 pound bags so more people can have a chance to try it.

Four more new crop lots

Guatemala Finca La Florencia a well balanced cup that can take a bit more roast with lemon zest brightness and caramelized sugar.

Maker Faire 2012

If you got a chance to see our demo at the Bay Area Maker Faire this past weekend, we would like to thank you for coming out and hope we were able to give you some good coffee roasting info. This was our first attempt at doing a multiple roaster demo.

New Coffee: 2 Guats and 2 Hawaiians

Guatemala Antigua Hacienda Carmona Pulcal a silky cup with effervescent quality, and grape-like sweetness.

The Maker Faire

It's that time of year again. If you plan on attending this year's Bay Area Maker Faire on May 19th, come check out our live coffee roasting presentation at the Maker Square stage.

Five New Additions

Ethiopia Grade 1 Chelelektu Yirga Cheffe an amazingly delicate cup with jasmine notes, honey, and vanilla.

Back in stock: Behmor roasters

We are pretty excited about the Behmor roasters being back in stock.  It's been a while since Behmor has been able to export them, so in observance of their arrival, we did a live webcast focusing on how to take apart these trusty machines

New Coffee: El Salvador Majahual - Tablon Tempisque

The dry fragrance ranges from malted milk to praline and cocoa. The wet aroma has caramel and butter scents, slight red apple notes and mulling spice. The cup taste stays true to the aromatics; rounded and balanced, with a thick and syrupy body, cocoa chocolate notes combine well with almond roast tones to give a confection-like character.

iCoffee Roaster

We tested out the iCoffee Roaster a couple weeks ago. It’s a new home roaster made in Korea that can roast 50-150 g batches (1.76-5.3 oz). It has a hot plate heating element with a removable bowl-shaped roast chamber that rests on top and has rotating arms to agitate the beans in the center.

Bunn Trifecta MB

Bunn recently introduced a home version of their single cup commercial Trifecta brewer, the Trifecta MB. It’s smaller in size, has a handled chamber instead of a portafilter and water cylinder and features blue LEDs to make it seem even more futuristic. Just to get it off the table, the Trifecta MB is pretty expensive, at the introductory price of $499.

Five New Additions

Brazil Mogiana Dry-Process Peaberry is remarkably clean for a natural with apple notes, works well across the roast spectrum. Colombia "Dos Payasos de Tolima" returns with wonderful raisin and nut tones, limited availability.

Our Live, Interactive Webcasts

Have you been able to catch our live, interactive webcasts on Ustream? We have been going on-air every other Friday at noon PST, talking about different topics and chatting live with our friends our customers. If you aren't able to tune in for the live broadcast, you can always watch the recorded show anytime you like.

Symposium, Imposium, Opposium

I have always had mixed feelings about the SCAA Symposium. And in my inimitable style, I have had them in absence of any actual experience: I never went to Symposium. It is the 2 day event before the SCAA Exposition that is billed as a meeting of Industry Leaders, and features a stacked bill of various personalities, consultants, a couple scientists, market researchers, financial experts, and interpretive dance.

New Products: J-Scales by Jennings

Using a scale when roasting and brewing isn't mandatory b

Ye Olde Weblog

Traffic was so low on our blog we simply started ignoring it. We are investing a lot more time in our Library, and plan to eventually combine our blog type posts with our articles over there. We also found that most people are just checking out the What's New on our home page to find out the latest. So you might not see the web log around too much longer.

Two Colombia Microlots and a new Decaf

Everyone should be excited to taste the newest arrival of Colombia Finca Buenavista - Carlos Imbachi also

Kenya? Believe it.

Two familiar Kenya lots return for their encore: Kenya Nyeri AA Tegu and Kenya Nyeri Ngunguru.
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