sumatra cultivar cupping test

I just finished pouring over 30 samples from an interesting text conducted in Aceh Sumatra. The idea was to identify the best cultivars for cup quality, in a place where there is little attention payed to such things. It was part of a project by an Australian coffee consultant, Anthony Marsh. Unfortunately, I didn't know about it when the REAL experiment occurred, so I received samples that are a bit old and baggy. One of the brilliant things here is that each cultivar is available as a wet-process and a wet-hulled (the Indonesia method) sample.

kenyas and konas kupping

I wasn't kidding ... I am going to start using this blog for real certified blogging chatter. Now is your chance to unsubscribe, to cancel your RSS, to bail out. Anyway, I recupped the very first Main Crop Auction Lot Kenyas today, with mixed results. I am always suspicious about early offerings. They tend to be from lower altitudes. But I was impressed how many Nyeri region lots there were. Familiar names were Karagoto, Kagumoini, Kieni and .. ugh... Deep River. What's with that? Not too sad about the fact that Deep River ended up with my lowest score.

getting back to blogging the blog.

Boy, isn't blog an awful word. Then again, blogs can be kind of awful. I've been thinking a bit lately that this weblog isn't what i wanted it to be. I have been using it to announce new coffee arrivals, which is fine. But with our new site improvements, i feel like that is a redundant use, and not very exciting anyway. So I am going to return to the original idea - the day-to-day at sweet maria's ... and just post what I am doing here and thinking about on a routine basis. The good thing about my role here is that it changes, and some of it can be mildly interesting.

5 new arrivals

We have 5 new arrivals, and you can read more about them using the list below. With the new list functions, the latest arrivals are expanded to show their brief flavor description. Guatemala San Jose Pinula -La Trinidad is a small-farm lot with distinct chocolate bittersweets and nice body. Panama Boquete Lerida Estate Peaberry ...

Espresso Workshop #2 -Auriferous Espresso

Our new Espresso Workshop #1 -Ophiolite blend is selling so well, I couldn't be more pleased. It seems people understand the inspirational concept behind these espresso "editions," which we offer only as long as the specific ingredient coffees are available. So with that, we are ready to roll out #2! This is dynamic, sparkling-bright espresso in the West Coast style: Espresso Workshop #2 -Auriferous Espresso. Auriferous?

Peru, Bali, Sumatra

We have several new arrivals. Peru FTO San Ignacio Cajamarca is here, balanced, sweet, with milk chocolate roast tones and soft pear-like fruit notes. Bali Organic "Blue Krishna" Kintamani is quite different from our last lot; it is a wet-processed coffee with a cleaner cup profile and more high-toned flavors overall.

A foot in the holiday door jamb ...

The door is closing on holiday ordering, but I must extend a proverbial foot into the jamb and add these new coffees:
  • El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro; I was trying to stash this vacuum packed gem for late season, but there has been too much demand.
  • Sumatra Coffee: Harvest and Processing

    Okay - I think it looks a lot better on Face Book, especially by following the link to the larger frame size

    Mountains of Gold and Bonko Black Sun (!)

    I added two new lots today. Costa Rica Tarrazu -Montes de Oro is from a small Micro Mill and farm run by Emilio Gamboa and his family. In a cupping with Costa Rica farmers here at Sweet Maria's a month ago, this coffee impressed everyone, and it still does today! It is also one of the early lots in which we are transitioning to our new scoring system! Check it out.

    Brazil, El Salvador and Guatemala CoE

    12/9: The new coffees keep comin'! We have listed just now Brazil Ipanema "Tree Dry Process", a coffee from an estate that is familiar to our customers, but this time as a dried on the tree coffee that makes an excellent coffee for espresso use, mildly fruited, strong chocolate roast taste, and heavy liquor-like body.

    New arrivals from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Flores

    New arrivals today include Costa Rica La Candelilla Tarrazu "Miel", a really sweet and chocolatey high grown micro lot from a great farm. We have a crazy, non-traditional flavor profile in the Nicaragua Limoncillo Pacamara Dry-Process, over-the-top fruited flavors, and great body with moderate acidity. It's my choice for darker roast levels.

    Costa Rica, and 2 new Sumatra lots.

    We have another coffee to release from our vault of mid-crop Costa Ricas (i.e. lots we have vacuum packed to roll out later in the season). Costa Rica Guillio Francesca -Finca Guadelupe is a classic, crowd-pleaser cup profile from a coffee farmer who is quite a character!

    Sumatra and Sulawesi ... the long and short of it.

    I just returned from Sumatra and Sulawesi; i

    before leaving for Sumatra, a boatload of new coffees!

    We have quite a list of new arrivals this week, and since I am headed to Sumatra, I am pushing to get them all listed.

    Coincidentally, Perfect Mocha-Java Blend Ingredients!

    We added our new arrival of Ethiopia Kembata Grade 4 Dry-Process, a coffee from Southern Ethiopia with peach, tamarind, lemon, spices and chocolate... complex and intense, another great natural Ethiopia lot. We also have our first new crop Indonesia at the warehouse, Java Kajumas Curah Tatal.

    cupping in quick time

    i took this movie at 1 fps in peru at the "Concurso de Cafe de Calidad" this past week. it starts in round 2 with cupping, then cleanup, setting up the new tables for round 3.

    New Central Americans and One Outsider.

    Before leaving for Peru on Monday, I have some new arrivals to upload. We have quite a few Central American arrivals (5) so let's start with the one outlying coffee: Australia Mountain Top Farm -Bin 478 has more character this year, fruited with rose hips and spice.
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