Costa Rica CoE, 3 new Kenyas, Lintong, Yemen Qishr

New Kenya lots (3) have arrived (Gatomboya, Giakanja, Tegu). Each of these is quite different (Gatomboya is a real sleeper ...

matching sets of new coffee arrivals

I am back from a long Africa trip (including the first-ever Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition).

Hyenas of Harar #2

Hyenas of Harar #2, originally uploaded by sweetmarias. My full

A post from Rwanda

Well, we finished the judging of the 2008 Rwanda Cup of Excellence, the first COE ever held in Africa. We did all the judging in Huye, Butare, near many coffee farms and mills. I always prefer to have the cuppings in the coffee areas, as opposed to the big city (I guess it is a stretch to call the capital, Kigali, a big city). Nobody has posted results yet, but here are the top 5: 1. MIG Buremera 2. Facko Rulindo 3. MIG Buremera 4. SDL Minazi 5. SDL Muyongwe 6. Kabuye Maraba 7. Bufcafe Remera 8. Coopac Kabirizi 9. MIG Buremera 10. Horizon Nyamyumba Ok ... what the heck?

A few new things for late summer

While Tom is in Rwanda - I have added a few new merchandise items; at long last we have Ibriks to sell again; we added a Double Wall Glass Bodum French press (which works great to keep the brew hot); and what our customers have all been waiting for.... a Sweet Maria's Soccer/Football!

Race against time: 15 arrivals at once (ugh)

I am racing against the clock to add all these new arrivals before leaving for the first-ever Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition on Thursday night. I am going to split this into 3 parts: New Centrals; South America + a new DP Ethiopia; 6 new decafs arrive at once.
  • Part 1: A smattering of new crop Centrals from mid-harvest. Costa Rica Helsar "Typica Villalobos" is our second pure cultivar lot from this fine Micro-Mill, a balanced cup with soft chocolate tones.

a great assortment of new lots

Today I am listing a great assortment of new lots.
  • Perhaps the most unusual is Costa Rica RIP Red Honey Coffee. RIP? Roasted In Parchment. This coffee has not been dry-milled, the green bean is still in the outer shell. In perhaps the wackyest moment in Sweet Maria's history, we discovered you can roast coffee in the parchment shell, and it has a very unusual flavor. This is for experts only, since you can't really see the green coffee as it turns brown.

GeshaFest 2008

It's time for GeshaFest 2008. The fabled Panama Esmeralda Estate Gesha (AKA Geisha) auction lots are here, with prices ranging from $10.50 to a trifling $125 per Lb.! Ouch. Is the top lot that good? Yep, highest rating we have ever given a Gesha coffee. It's not for everyone, but we hope offering these 4 distinct lots, at 4 price ranges, everyone can check out the way this special cultivar influences aroma and cup flavors of this unique offering.

A Crisp Costa Rica, A Floral Ethiopia, 2 New Decafs

Really nice organic Costa Rica lots from small estates are rare. This Costa Rica Organic La Yunta Estate is a crisp, clean, bright cup with floral aroma. Now, if you want to talk flowery coffee, this is the one.

Some fantastic new arrivals ...

We have a new crop lot of the very elegant Costa Rica Vino de Arabia in stock, another of our Micro-Mill coffees from Brumas del Zurqui. We'll have some very unusual lots from Brumas later. If you know our coffees from year's past, red this name carefully: Panama Boquete Lerida Estate "Miel". It's not the wet-process Peaberry (which will come in August).

After the holiday, a July present from S.M.

Hi all - I wanted to give a "heads up" on an experiment Maria and I have talked about a lot. Basically, we want to simplify our shipping and also give some incentive to people who are getting hit with higher shipping costs. So starting July 7 at 9am (Monday after the holiday weekend) and running until July 31, we are going to try out this idea: To anywhere in the contiguous 48 states (no AK, HI or AE/AP), Sweet Maria's Flat Rate shipping will be: 0-20 Lbs. = $7.99 21-40 Lbs. = $13.99 41-60 Lbs. = $20.99 Orders can be for coffee and/or merchandise.

classic guatemala, a favorite honduras, a sparky little kenya

I guess we can call it a Sweet Maria's classic ... we have offered this Guatemala coffee for 4 years now and it only get's better: The excellent, award-winning Guatemala Finca San Jose Ocaña is back. Yes, another great Kenya lot from the Auctions has arrived (we have been trying, if possible, to offer a trio of Kenyas with very different flavor profiles at any given time).

The First 3 of Oh! So Many Costa Rica Micro-lots...

We have received our first three Costa Rica coffees ... the first of many, many farm-direct small lots we will offer this season!

Peaberry Switcharoo, Ethiopia-Kenya-Kenya too!

We are receiving new coffees at a remarkable rate... Today we have available;

Friday Means New Arrivals at Sweet Maria's

Friday appears to be "new coffee day" at Sweet Maria's.

Up to our noses in new arrivals...

colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay (?)

To understand the title, I guess you need to see the photo. Then again I still don't understand it. I have another 300 pictures to go with that one coming soon. We have some amazing micro-lot Colombias coming soon, as well as Panama Carmen Estate 1800 meter later this week (great cup, again, and no.2 at Panama competition, again). I know, I know, everyone is wondering where the Costa Rica micro-lots are. We are going to have our first arrivals later this week! Remember, these are true mid-harvest coffees.

Panama Esmeralda gesha auction 2008

It's the day after the Panama Esmeralda auction for their geisha coffees, and I still feel a bit woozy. We bought coffees at 4 distinct price points, from the "Budget Batch" #5 which averaged not much over $6 a lb. to the highest priced coffee in the auction, which we had pre-arranged a "share" with our friends at Stumptown in Portland, and sold for a whopping $105 plus change. We have 150 Lbs of the Batch 2 and 150 Lbs of Batch 3 Peaberry, which was around $50/ Lb.

yes, another wide variety of new arrivals (five)

We have a wide-ranging and eclectic mix of new arrivals today. From South America we have a new lot of Colombia Tolima -Finca Las Florestales a family farm of Maximino Gutierrez and his brothers.
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