New Look for the SM Coffee Library

It has been a goal of Sweet Maria’s Coffee since Tom started the business in the fall of 1997 to provide a BOATLOAD of information about coffee.  Like we say on the front page of our website – “We are more than just another on-line shopping cart, we are a virtual coffee university.”  After all, that is what keeps us interested; otherwis

Roast Coffee Pairing #59 - DIY Mokha Java

This is one of our favorite roast coffee pairing ideas: roast the two coffees that form the most ancient blend in coffee history – Mokha Java.  In this instance we roasted Java Kajumas Taman Dadar and Yemen Mokha Sana’ani.  Both were roasted to Full City+ in 15 minutes with final thermoprobe temperatures of 440-444 degrees.  Try blending these two before brewing in various percentages.  Java coffee has a rustic, deep toned body with foresty notes and low acidity. Yemen coffee is wilder with fruit laden tobacco notes and leather hints.  They work together really well to both mellow out certain

Roast Coffee Pairing #58: South American Coffee is So Nutty!

Different types of nut flavors are common in coffee - here we see it in a dry processed Brazil Organic Fazenda Colina, and a wet-processed Peru, the Peru FTO Apavam Coop Typica. Nuttiness is tied intrinsically to roast taste and the degree of roast, since a coffee that cups nutty at City+ will not be so at FC+.

Video: Coffee Processing in El Salvador

From a couple weeks ago, I shot some video with my SLR. It's not heavy on information, more of an atmospheric thing. I recommend watching it in HD on youtube.

Roast Coffee Pairing #57: Ethiopian - A Natural Pairing

Last pairing we examined the flavors in washed African coffees, this pairing we look at the other side of the coin: natural process coffees.  We chose two outstanding and quite different lots, Ethiopia Dry Process Limu – Nigusie Lemma and Ethiopia Harar Longberry.  The Nigusie Lemma is a total fruit bomb with amazing peach and blueberry highlights coupled with a thinner body, it was roasted to City+ and 427 degrees in about 14:30 minutes.  The Harar is a different beast altogether with loads of chocolate and spice with quite a bit more body, this was roasted to Full City and 435 degrees in abo

Roasted Coffee Subscriptions, Again

Today I am adding an Ongoing Subscription for the Bi-Weekly Roasted Coffee Pairings. Catchy name huh? People have asked about this for a while - and finally we have a way to offer it.

New Video: Choosing Green Coffee: Replacing a Favorite...

Tips on how to read our reviews in order the find a replacement for a favorite green coffee...

Roast Coffee Pairing #56: Washed African Coffees - Ethiopia and Rwanda

Here is a comparison of two African coffees at their best: the Ethiopia Sidama Bonko is light and sweet, while the Rwanda Remera Nyarusiza is floral with good mouthfeel.  Both were kept in the light roast range at City+ with final roast times of about 14:30 and temperature of 422 and 425 respecitively.

New Things To Scoop, Brew and Grind With

Sweet Maria's Logo Scoop We are pretty excited to present our new Sweet Maria's logo scoops.  I know it is a lowly scoop, and of course weighing out coffee is always better than dosing by volume. But we live in the real world.

Roast Coffee Pairing #55: Indonesia Spotlight - Java and Papua New Guinea

The Java Kopi Sunda is the result of a special project, and is a very special coffee indeed; less like a typical Indonesian coffee, more like a washed Island profile coffee, mild and sweet.  This is likely due to the wet processing, rather than the wet hulled processing typical of Indonesian coffees.  Shows a completely different face on Indonesian coffee.

Roast Coffee Pairiing #54: Same Varietal, Two Regions

This pairing is the inverse (or obverse?) of what we usually do when we try two different varietals from the same region.  Here we are interested in what the varietal character contributes to the flavor of coffees grown in two different regions. We’ve roasted two Bourbon coffees, one from Guatemala, the other El Salvador. The Guatemala Bourbon -Finca San Diego Buena Vista is a classic cup,  with all the body and balance you would expect in a Bourbon.

I can't taste.

Well, today I can't taste. I have had a bad cold, not that intense but just deep-seated, with sinus headaches and such. I normally don't get that, and I wouldn't write about it unless it lead to some thoughts about taste. (Note to self: Next time maybe I should NOT go surfing in the rainstorm on a 49 degree f day). Anyway, I don't feel that bad, and have continued to work. Yesterday I cupped just fine but today I was quite frankly shocked when I set up a mixed table of Kenya, Brazil and Ethiopia coffees, 12 in all. The dry fragrance from the Kenyas seemed so flat.

Sweet Maria's on the radio. Part 2

Last summer, Tom was interviewed by The Splendid Table, a radio talk show that covers everything relating to food and drink. They had aired his first interview that covered coffee brewing. We are now excited to hear that his interview covering home roasting is being aired this weekend.

Special Offer! Two-For-One Dogs of Coffee Calendar

Every dog lover knows another dog lover. Why not send the gift of a 2011 Dogs of Coffee calendar to your dog (and coffee) loving comrade? Starting today, we are offering our wonderful calendars with a Two-For-One special. Which means, when you buy one, you will recieive a free one to give to your family member, friend, enemy or pet. Get them while they last!

Pay Up, Coffee Guy.

... I would write Gal to be fair, but I am referring to myself, because that is what's happening as I travel to origin countries right now. With the NYBOT coffee market at historic highs, things have become very difficult when sourcing coffee at origin. We are paying at least $1.00 more at origin than last year, in some places as much as $2-$3 more for a pound of export coffee.

Coffee Feature: Papua New Guinea

We are very excited about our new Papua New Guinea  coffees, which are currently arriving from the new harvest and distinct among the Indonesian coffees. There are several flavor profiles found in PNG coffee, each with it's own merits.  In general, PNG is such a solid origin, with a range of different cup profiles, which is a great reason to offer a great s

Roast Coffee Pairing #53: Sweet Home Costa Rica Reprise

So we love Costa Rican coffee right?  Here we have the Hernan Solis and the Bisunga as a head to head (or is it bean to bean?) comparison.  The Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu -La Bisunga  is a new micro lot that we bought this year - a classic Tarrazu profile and flavor balance, while the Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi is more fruited, clean and bright.  Both were kept fairly light at City+ final temperature of around 425 degrees, roast times of 14:30 minutes on these slightly smaller batches.  If this were really a competition I’d give the edge to the Solis, both are clean and sweet, but the S
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