Roast Coffee Pairing #52: Colombia Peaberry v. Flatbean

Here we have a comparison of two very similar Colombian coffees, a peaberry and a flat bean (or standard bean). The Los Caracoles del Sur ("the snails of the south"!) is a medium intensity coffee, balanced and sort of a classic Colombian coffee with a very well rounded cup. The Payasos de Tolima ("the clowns of Tolima") is so called because it is blended from three different small farms in Tolima.

Roast Coffee Pairing #51: Ethiopia Dry Process v. Wet Process

The differences in processing method is something that we come back to over and over because it is one of the key things that determines coffee flavor.

Coffee Feature: Ethiopia Wet Process Guji Oromo

This coffee has a very distinct flavor profile with sweet spice notes, paired with tea, flowers and fruit. Keep your roasts to a fairly tight range of City to City+, since going dark on this coffee seems to obscure it's prime attributes. From the dry grounds, jasmine-violet floral scents are clear, as well as ginger and dark honey.

Six Special Coffees!

Wow - Six special coffees today!

Harvesting Coffee In Ethiopia

Tom is on his way back from Ethiopia and we are excited to hear about his travels.

Roast Coffee Pairing #49: Clean Coffees - Guatemala and El Salvador

Here we have two very clean and bright coffees, the El Salvador Siberia 100% Bourbon, and the Guatemala Huehuetenango La Maravilla.

The Sweet Maria's Starter Kits

Long time Sweet Maria's customers know that  convenience and legibility are not exactly the thoughts that leap to mind when shopping our website.  It is more like a labyrinth, with a gift shop attached.

Car Battery Coffee Roasting

Tom is currently traveling in Ethiopia and sent back this photo of a Gene Cafe' roaster being powered by a car battery.

Roast Coffee Pairing #48: Same Coffee, Different Roasts

This is one of my favorite pairing ideas combined with my favorite origin: Rwanda.  It is always so educational to roast the same coffee to two different roast levels, you challenge your skills to achieve two distinctly different roast levels.  The coffee reveals itself in unique ways when tasted with origin character to the fore at light roasts, and with roast tones more prevelant at darker roasts.  Today we used the Rwanda FT Dukunde Kawa Musasa roasted at City and Full City, 420 and 432 degrees respectively, 14 minute roast times.  This cup has such bright floral and citrusy zest that both

Everybody's Doing It (Worrying About the Coffee Market)

The New York "C" market has risen above $2.00 for the first time since 1997, and that's something worth commemorating here at Sweet Maria's. We started in late 1997, and I remember that market well, and the long, slow, dramatic, depressing slide from that 1997 high down into the dark pit of the Coffee Crisis, which averaged around .50 cents. The driving forces in this great market instability now is different than previous peaks and valleys.

Cupping Green, Unroasted Coffee.....Yum

In this funny little experiment, Tom ground and brewed coffee at various stages from green to a City+ roast.  Check out the video below and

Screening Screens

We recently began looking for a replacement for the nylon french press screens that we stocked for so long.  Our supplier on that item went out of business, so I asked a

Roast Coffee Pairing #47: Sweet Home Costa Rica

There's no place like home as Dorothy once said and there's no origin like Costa Rica. Costa Rica is possibly the most advanced origin in its coffee cultivation and processing. Sweet Maria's has a lot of potential samples when it comes to this region and Tom has sorted through them all to find some unique lots this season. On to the pairing ... Look for a classic Tarrazu profile and flavor balance in the San Marcos: a perfect combination of brightness, fruit-laced chocolate, and zesty finish.

Roasting With The Behmor 1600

Recently Josh sat down and explained the basics of one of our favorite roasters, the Behmor 1600. Take a look. Whether you just bought one, or are going to buy one you will find this pretty interesting.

Roast Coffee Pairing #46: Balanced Coffees

This week we roasted two Central America coffees that have good balance and apple-like acidity.  Mexico FTO Chiapas – Reserva el Triunfo has a wonderful light body with soft milk chocolate tones and was kept at a light roast level: City+.  You may want to cull out a few of the quakers (light colored beans) to improve the sweetness of the cup.  Panama Finca La Camiseta has a more creamy body with hints of brown sugar balanced by crisp acidity; roasted to City+ to accentuate the classic bright tones in the cup.  Both of these coffees represent their origin well and are great crowd-pleasing cups,
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