Uganda - Manual coffee pulper.

I went on a brief trip to Uganda, for the very first time.

The Unofficial 2010 Dogs of Coffee Calendar

I am very happy to announce the availability of Sweet Maria’s Coffee Unofficial 2010 Dogs of Coffee Calender!! Tom and I had the idea to print a calendar of all the great dog photos he has taken at origin, but alas, that great idea occurred to us last March. Not a good time to sell a calendar. But November is!

Coffee Damage under UV Light

Coffee Damage under UV Light, originally uploaded by sweetmarias.

Ultraviolet light is useful to see problems with coffee like mold and

Hario Skerton Hand Mill

New to Sweet Maria's, we now have the Hario Skerton Hand Crank Coffee Mill.  The grind quality is very good, and the mill grinds efficiently, fairly quickly, but not too fast. Like any manual mill, it takes some elbow grease to crank out a grind. But the work out is worth it!

PINO Digital Kettle Pro

It might seem silly, but I am really excited about this kettle,  the PINO Digital Kettle Pro. I need a lot of hot water for cupping and brewing so having a kettle that works as well as this does makes a big difference in my day-to-day life.

Peru, or ... the longest slideshow ever:

If you can make it through this entire slide show I would be amazed. But there are a few shots in here that make it worth while. It was a great trip, but with poor results in terms of the coffee.

Blooming coffee in Oaktown

Blooming coffee in Oaktown, originally uploaded by sweetmarias.

Came back from Peru and one of my larger shrubs was in full bloom.

Splurge: Le Nez du Vin

Splurge, originally uploaded by sweetmarias.

I did it. Nez du Vin 54 set. I just had to train myself on exactly

History of Coffee Chart

History of Coffee Chart, originally uploaded by sweetmarias.

I had to seam this image together, so I am not sure how legible it

Giotto Professional and Premium Espresso Machines

Since the SCAA show in Atlanta, I have been looking to offer a new espresso machine.  Why start to offer an expensive espresso machine in the midst of the Great Recession?  Well, I guess it is because I am contrary by nature.   And these machines are so nice!

New Coffees, New T-shirts!

We're adding 5 very different coffees today, some very interesting new offerings and some old favorites. First up is the oft-requested and in-shop favorite Guatemala Finca San José Ocaña.

dripper vs. clever coffee dripper vs. french press.

another ugly-yet-informative video... behold! ...and there is another one too!
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