Sweet Maria's on the radio. Part 2

Last summer, Tom was interviewed by The Splendid Table, a radio talk show that covers everything relating to food and drink. They had aired his first interview that covered coffee brewing. We are now excited to hear that his interview covering home roasting is being aired this weekend.

Roasting With The Behmor 1600

Recently Josh sat down and explained the basics of one of our favorite roasters, the Behmor 1600. Take a look. Whether you just bought one, or are going to buy one you will find this pretty interesting.

Roasting with a Popcorn Popper. So Simple.

We realized that amongst all the videos we have posted, there has never (gasp!) been one covering the basics of roasting with a popcorn popper - which is one of our favorite ways to home roast and an especially good, inexpensive way to get started. So we decided to post 3 new YouTube vidsĀ  about roasting with a popper.

Coffee Roasting Basics - Color Changes

Tom has been talking about this for a while ... that we don't have enough basic information about color changes in roasting.

what the he -- is jasmine?

At 11:44 AM -0400 8/25/07, George wrote: >Okay girls and guys, what the he-- does jasmine smell and taste like???????? I have searched both SM's site for about 10 minutes or more and the Internet for probably over 45 minutes on jasmine, jasmine flavor, jasmine taste, etc, etc. All I get are listings of dozens of pages on it's use as a flower in weddings, what properties it has for women in Japan, pages and pages on jasmine in tea, and the list goes on and on. Even went to Websters dictionary, online encyclopedias, etc, etc and nothing but uses, NOT A THING ON TASTE.

fruit or ferment

I thought I had a good idea of what a fermented taint was but with discussions here and some of Tom's latest coffee descriptions I am just confused now. So the question is: when does Intense Fruit cross the line into a Fermented Taint? Thanks, David
Not an easy question, and exactly the point of offering these 2 coffees that push that limit: Ethiopia FTO Lekempti Dry Process and (to a much lesser extent) Juan Francisco El Salvador. Partly, it is subjective ... on the other hand, a truly fermenty coffee will fade within a few months, and just taste dirty.

where are we at with harar?

a question from the home roast list
>Anyone know when the Ethiopian Harrar is obtainable (in season)?
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