Peru FTO Apavam Coop Typica

Rounding out the South American offerings - we have are adding the Peru FTO Apavam Coop Typica today. This coffee is a nice example of Peruvian coffee, with a clean flavor with balanced brightness and body.

New arrival: Hawaii Kona -Kowali Farm Typica Happy 2011 !! - We are excited to add a limited lot of Hawaii Kona -Kowali Farm Typica. As some will recall, this is a mild island profile coffee with a delicious balance between brightness and silky body with hibiscus and refined honey. Takes a wide range of roasts, including SO espresso!

New decaf: Guatemala Finca La Maravilla SWP ...One more to add: Guatemala Finca La Maravilla SWP Decaf. We are listing a new decaf prepared especially for Sweetmarias: Guatemala Finca La Maravilla SWP Decaf. Folks will remember this hugely popular Guat.

Coffee Feature: Ethiopia Wet Process Guji Oromo

This coffee has a very distinct flavor profile with sweet spice notes, paired with tea, flowers and fruit. Keep your roasts to a fairly tight range of City to City+, since going dark on this coffee seems to obscure it's prime attributes. From the dry grounds, jasmine-violet floral scents are clear, as well as ginger and dark honey.

Six Special Coffees!

Wow - Six special coffees today!