Panama Garrido Gesha and the Return of Sumatra Takengon Classic

Another big day! ...We are offering two Geshas together as the Panama Garrido Gesha Collection: 1/2lb Panama Garrido Gesha Traditional Wet-Proces

New arrival - Kenya Nyeri Ndiaini-Kiagundo WP Decaf: 90 points! We're adding an exciting coffee that we had decaffeinated ourselves: Kenya Nyeri Ndiaini-Kiagundo WP Decaf. Read Tom's blurb for the full review.

3 New Coffees from Brazil

Happy Election Day! We are adding 3 Brazil coffees today.

New arrivals - Ethiopia Organic Guji Sidamo SWP Decaf and Guatemala La Maravilla SWP Decaf We're adding two decafs that were so great caffeinated, we sent them off to be de-caffeinated!
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