New arrivals - Kenya AA Nyeri Ndaro-ini & Mexico FTO Santa Cruz WP Decaf Today we are adding a new Kenya from the Gikanga Farmers Coop and a new Chiapas Decaf.

New blend - Sweet Maria's New Classic Espresso

Sweet Maria's New Classic Espresso blend We are adding a new Standard espresso blend today that we plan to keep in stock. Note that this Standard is lower-toned than our brighter lighter-roast Workshop series. This is a second take on our Classic Italian Espresso blend. Tom is calling this Sweet Maria's New Classic Espresso blend.

New arrival - Panama Esmeralda Gesha -Lot 2 Caballeriza

Panama Esmerelda Gesha We are happy to announce an Esmerelda Gesha today: Panama Esmeralda Gesha -Lot 2 Caballeriza, a 1500meter coffee from Jaramillo Boquete ... Please read Tom's full review but expect layers of floral and fruit tastes. We only bought this one coffee in the auction so we are limiting this coffee to 1lb so everyone can get to try it.

New Coffees, New T-shirts!

We're adding 5 very different coffees today, some very interesting new offerings and some old favorites. First up is the oft-requested and in-shop favorite Guatemala Finca San José Ocaña.

New arrivals - Ethiopia Org DP Guji Sidamo, Panama Carmen 1900meters, Panama Carmen "Siete Dias de Bellota"

Finally! We have a new Ethiopia Sidamo Dry Process to offer: Ethiopia Organic Dry Process Guji Sidamo, fruited and spicy, nice balance of flavors and can take a dark roast. And we're adding two excellent coffees from Panama Carmen Estate First it's Panama Carmen Estate 1900 Meters, a new high in both flavor and altitude level for this great varietal.

New arrivals - Sumatra Lintong Dolok Sanggul, Sumatra Onan Ganjang, Costa Rica Genesis Miel, Costa Rica Helsar de Zarcero, and India Org Jasmine Estate Yellikudige

Five new coffees today: First off are two Lintong-region Sumatras: Sumatra Lintong Dolok Sanggul with rustic sweetness and black tea and Sumatra Onan Ganjang Cultivar which is a thicker body cup with tobacco and clove.

Australia, Bolivia, El Salvador and Espresso Workshop Blend #6

Again! another four coffees to add! What's with the number four?! I am not sure, maybe we should play the lottery. In any case, here are the coffees: First is the return of Australia -Mountain Top Farm, a Fancy grade semi-washed coffee with a juicy sweetness.

New arrivals - Guatemala Acatenango Gesha, Guat La Bella JBM, Guat Huehue Maravilla, and Yemen Mokha Sharasi

Happy early Fourth of July! Four new coffees!!!! Here they are in short. First is the arrival of Guatemala Acatenango Gesha: Jasmine, citrus blossoms, tropical fruit with a complex Gesha flavor profile and aroma. Click through to the review.

New arrivals - Panama Org. Berlina, Kenya Karinga PB

6/25: Wait, two more coffees to add: We're excited to have the new harvest to offer from of our regular farms: Panama Organic La Berlina Estate Typica, this lot is a creamy classic Central with caramel-malt sweet notes. and a savory tone as well. Secondly we are adding a new peaberry today: Kenya Kirinyaga -Karinga PB which cups as a more balanced Kenya than recent arrivals.

New arrivals - Kona Kowali JBM, Costa Rica Candelilla Guaca, Costa Rica Magnolia Decaf, & Tanzania Blackburn PB

We are adding four coffees today: Hawaii Kona -Kowali Farm JBM Cultivar, a classic is back with sweet floral aromatics (Limit to 1lb) Next up is Costa Rica La Candelilla Guaca Bourbon, a great drinking coffee with bittersweet chocolate, thick body, dark fruits.

New arrivals - Brazil Jacu, Costa Rica, Yemen, new espresso blend

Exciting new adds! First up is the mild return of Brazil Jacu Bird Coffee. It's a "bird-processed" natural Brazil, check out this and the other reviews for the full story. Next is Costa Rica "Cafe Sin Limites", a great Villa Sarchi miel-prep coffee from the farm. This farm has placed #2 in the CoE for the past 2 years.

New Microlot arrivals and a Yirga Cheffe!

New Microlots are in, from Colombia and Costa Rica !  and a Yirg!... Check the full reviews but here are the briefs on these limited offerings: Colombia Finca Buenavista -Carlos Imbachi Microlot: sweetly fruited, floral aroma.

India, Kenya and Mexico - new arrivals

We've three new offerings today from 'round the globe: Mexico Organic Chiapas Proish Coop, a great harvest this year with a bright yet mild profile, hazelnut and peach fruit tastes. Next is Kenya Kirinyaga AA -Gakuyu-ini Factory, a larger bean than our Peaberry from the same co-op with a milder acidity and some SO espresso potential.

Sale on Panama Esmeralda and Guatemala El Injerto...

I have had the opportunity to cup our Hacienda Esmeralda Gesha vac pack lots (#2, #10) from last year against the new crop, and was surprised at the quality of the '08 coffees. I took the most expensive coffee from the '09 auction home for the weekend, and brewing it every which way, I made coffee I thought was "nice" but nothing that really popped out, nothing I would pay $117 a pound for!

Colombia, Brazil, Robusta!

More arrivals to post to the list, two South Americans and a surprisingly drinkable robusta: Brazil Cachoeira Yellow Canario Bourbon, a complex cup with a velvety feel and malted/cocoa at lighter roasts. Again, our recommendation is to keep this somewhat atypical Brazil light in roast.
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