Dropping the Kenya coffee bomb ... new crop is here.

It's a fantastic day ... the day I get to announce that new crop Kenya coffees have arrived. And we are dropping this Kenya bomb to maximum effect: THREE new auction lot peaberry coffees all at once, heralding in what I think is an epic year of great Kenya coffees. Kenya Nyeri Peaberry -Mutwewathi Factory, a floral cup with apple-apricot compote and pink-grapefruit flavors.

New coffee arrivals whilst Tom was in Africa...

There were some coffees listed while I was away (well, ones I had reviewed before I left for Africa for 3 weeks) - here they are ...
  • 2/27: Yet more arrivals! To the tune of 3!
  • Cupping Sumatrans With Brasilians

    Bruno and Chiago came by, two real Minieros ...ie coffee guys from smack dab in the center of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Bruno runs Beccor in Portland and we get some coffees from him, including the really nice Carmo de Minas lots from Sertao; my favorite of last year, the La Esperanca, and the Fazendo do Serrado we just added to the list. The odd thing is to cup Indonesia coffees with coffee people from ... well, anywhere but Indonesia. It completely baffles them. They think we're insane.

    New coffees, A new RSS feed

    We added a new RSS feed to notify about new coffees. The link is feed://www.sweetmarias.com/rss/rss.php and it's easy to add to any browser (ie Firefox) or other device.

    The return of Moka Kadir and Liquid Amber

    In case you had not noticed, we are able to offer the very popular blends Liquid Amber and Moka Kadir again, since their ingredient coffees are back in stock. While we are really enthused about the new "Espresso Workshop" limited edition coffees, it's nice to have our Standards. But when we can't find the correct ingredient coffees for the Standards, we chose not to offer them. In this case, there was a gap in time where a really good Yemeni coffee for Moka Kadir was not available, and that is a key component.

    A foot in the holiday door jamb ...

    The door is closing on holiday ordering, but I must extend a proverbial foot into the jamb and add these new coffees:
  • El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro; I was trying to stash this vacuum packed gem for late season, but there has been too much demand.
  • Mountains of Gold and Bonko Black Sun (!)

    I added two new lots today. Costa Rica Tarrazu -Montes de Oro is from a small Micro Mill and farm run by Emilio Gamboa and his family. In a cupping with Costa Rica farmers here at Sweet Maria's a month ago, this coffee impressed everyone, and it still does today! It is also one of the early lots in which we are transitioning to our new scoring system! Check it out.

    New arrivals from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Flores

    New arrivals today include Costa Rica La Candelilla Tarrazu "Miel", a really sweet and chocolatey high grown micro lot from a great farm. We have a crazy, non-traditional flavor profile in the Nicaragua Limoncillo Pacamara Dry-Process, over-the-top fruited flavors, and great body with moderate acidity. It's my choice for darker roast levels.

    Costa Rica, and 2 new Sumatra lots.

    We have another coffee to release from our vault of mid-crop Costa Ricas (i.e. lots we have vacuum packed to roll out later in the season). Costa Rica Guillio Francesca -Finca Guadelupe is a classic, crowd-pleaser cup profile from a coffee farmer who is quite a character!

    something central, something south, and 2 decafs

    10/17: We have 2 new lots from Central and South America and 2 new decafs today:

    New Central Americans and One Outsider.

    Before leaving for Peru on Monday, I have some new arrivals to upload. We have quite a few Central American arrivals (5) so let's start with the one outlying coffee: Australia Mountain Top Farm -Bin 478 has more character this year, fruited with rose hips and spice.

    matching sets of new coffee arrivals

    I am back from a long Africa trip (including the first-ever Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition).

    Race against time: 15 arrivals at once (ugh)

    I am racing against the clock to add all these new arrivals before leaving for the first-ever Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition on Thursday night. I am going to split this into 3 parts: New Centrals; South America + a new DP Ethiopia; 6 new decafs arrive at once.
    • Part 1: A smattering of new crop Centrals from mid-harvest. Costa Rica Helsar "Typica Villalobos" is our second pure cultivar lot from this fine Micro-Mill, a balanced cup with soft chocolate tones.

    A Crisp Costa Rica, A Floral Ethiopia, 2 New Decafs

    Really nice organic Costa Rica lots from small estates are rare. This Costa Rica Organic La Yunta Estate is a crisp, clean, bright cup with floral aroma. Now, if you want to talk flowery coffee, this is the one.

    Some fantastic new arrivals ...

    We have a new crop lot of the very elegant Costa Rica Vino de Arabia in stock, another of our Micro-Mill coffees from Brumas del Zurqui. We'll have some very unusual lots from Brumas later. If you know our coffees from year's past, red this name carefully: Panama Boquete Lerida Estate "Miel". It's not the wet-process Peaberry (which will come in August).

    The First 3 of Oh! So Many Costa Rica Micro-lots...

    We have received our first three Costa Rica coffees ... the first of many, many farm-direct small lots we will offer this season!

    Friday Means New Arrivals at Sweet Maria's

    Friday appears to be "new coffee day" at Sweet Maria's.

    2 Centrals - 2 Kenyas

    Two new Centrals: Two new Kenyas. We have our perrenial favorite Guatemala Fraijanes -Finca Agua Tibia and a new lot from our favorite Honduran growing region: Honduras Organic SHG Marcala (full cupping review coming). Our first Kenya auction lots have arrived and they are amazing!

    some smokin' new lots

    We have received our 2 exotic Nicaragua lots featured in seasons past: Nicaragua Pacamara Peaberry is the ovoid version of the huge bean crops between Pacas and Maragogype cultivars. We also have the unusual Nicaragua Limoncillo Java Longberry Cultivar back, with a unique distinction that (under a different name) it placed #2 in the Cup of Excellence this year!

    Rwanda Duhingekawa Women's Coop - Sulawesi Toraja Gr. 1

    We just received the new crop lot of Rwanda Duhingekawa Women's Cooperative coffee from this Fair Trade group, and it has the same balanced, slightly citric profile as last year's great delivery. Read more about their unique group here.
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