New Products: J-Scales by Jennings

Using a scale when roasting and brewing isn't mandatory b

Videos: The Sumatran Coffee Trade

We finally had time to put together both videos from Tom's recent trip to Sumatra. Want to see more of our videos? We have a lot of them posted in our library. Click here.

The Sweet Maria's Starter Kits

Long time Sweet Maria's customers know that  convenience and legibility are not exactly the thoughts that leap to mind when shopping our website.  It is more like a labyrinth, with a gift shop attached.

El Salvador Manzano Process Experiment

Today we are listing the El Salvador Manzano Process Experiment,  which offers a fabulous chance to taste what processing contributes to a coffee.

New arrival: El Salvador Aida's Grand Reserve (& Producers Visit)

[caption id="attachment_1148" align="alignnone" width="295" caption="Mario Mendoza-Corleto (far left) and Aida Batlle (right, in white) share a few laughs with Sweet Maria's staff"][/caption] [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="131" caption="Aida Bat

New Shopping Cart-o-mania

Late last week we launched a new shopping cart for Sweet Maria's. The cart has a lot of new features, both on the front end that customers see, and the back end that we work with everyday.  It is the future!

After the holiday, a July present from S.M.

Hi all - I wanted to give a "heads up" on an experiment Maria and I have talked about a lot. Basically, we want to simplify our shipping and also give some incentive to people who are getting hit with higher shipping costs. So starting July 7 at 9am (Monday after the holiday weekend) and running until July 31, we are going to try out this idea: To anywhere in the contiguous 48 states (no AK, HI or AE/AP), Sweet Maria's Flat Rate shipping will be: 0-20 Lbs. = $7.99 21-40 Lbs. = $13.99 41-60 Lbs. = $20.99 Orders can be for coffee and/or merchandise.

baby chicken (t-shirt, that is)

We have more than a few requests for kid's shirts, and since Maria and I (Tom) now have a baby, it makes even more sense to print some baby-sized clothes! Ben (left) really liked my Chicken shirt when I wore it, so why not make him his own Baby Chicken shirt. Maybe you know a baby that would like it too. These shirts are paler in color than the adult ones, more like a custard yellow. The logo on the rear (the cup, like the adult) is in black ink.We have 3 sizes: 12 month, 2T and 4T.

behmor roaster update

Thought i would post the comments I made to the homeroast list here too: 10/3: i met with joe a better part of the day and it looks like early part of november is the arrival target for the behmor roaster. things are looking good, with a couple minor tweaks going on to the drum clasp, and lots of appropriate stickers and labels for the chassis. i can appreciate how hard it is to go from prototype to actual production, and how many bumps there are along the road, especially when you have basically developed the roaster out of the garage, as joe has.

more oddball t-shirts

Computer Shirt: A no-tech painting of a lo-tech computer. What's your guess? A 286 circa 1988? Well, if you go to David, Panama, an agricultural center in the lowlands of the Chirqui province, and you are looking for an "internet cabana", that is, a place to check email at speeds around ...oh 56kb ...

if coffee cleaners can be exciting ...

We have some innovative new coffee cleaning products, espresso machine brushes from Pallo, and machine cleaner from JoeGlo. That doesn't sound exciting, eh? Well, remember that all your precious, fresh home roasted coffee doesn't even have a chance at good cup quality if your coffee brewer or espresso machine is all sooted up!

some new mokapots, cone filters, knock box, piddley stuff

We have some new products this week. We are stocked a new model of Moka Pot (i.e. stovetop espresso). The Bialetti Musa Mokapot is brushed stainless steel, remarkably sturdy and looks pretty sharp too. We have 3 different size; 4 tasse, 6 tasse and 10 tasse. We have a new Commercial Espresso Knock Box, stainess steel with a nice big non-slip rubber base.

not just another "new arrival"

ben otto owen it's a boy! oh wait, we already new that. maria had our first, ben otto owen, on saturday jan 25 at 5:25 am. he was 7 lbs 10 ounces and almost 22 inches long. the birth was relatively easy: now comes the hard part. we came home monday mid-day and are overwhelmed and tired, but of course happy. amazingly, we have found he likes just a tad of robusta blended into his milk (better foam) and takes formula off a cupping spoon! (uh, not) - tom and maria
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