10th Anniversary Party

Hello one and all - Tom and I find it hard to believe but this fall the business is 10 years old! To mark the occasion we are throwing a small bash here at the warehouse. Nothing fancy - we will have some coffees brewed up and home brewed beer, maybe some special give-aways (like t-shirts or coffee), folks can try their hand at the South American coin tossing game called "sapo", and just to make sure that folks who wish to embarrass themselves have a chance to - a karaoke machine! Where: our warehouse located at 1115 21st Street, Oakland CA 94607 When: Friday October 26th, from 3pm to 6pm (or whenever we pull the plug on the karaoke machine) If you think you will stop in, please let us know so we can plan ahead. Please reply to maria@sweetmarias.com - Maria & TomMalawi Catimor Cultivar

Wow - that was a funny party

Wow - that was a funny party (oh, I mean, fun). Derek was brewing up coffee and Josh showed off the Behmor (no.2 prototype). Josh did all the datalogging of roasts on it, so it was better he showed people how to use it than I (Tom). Jeffrey Pawlin brewed up some fantastic aeropress roasts of his (Brazil and Yemen) and he told me about new developments with his computer controlled roaster (now a probatino!) We did some special doorprize roasts of India Anohki on the Probat (roasted Monday so it could rest 5 days) and Idido Misty Valley (12 hours old). Hopefully everyone got some to take home. Jose manned the barbeque. Keli kept the drinks flowing, and I take it as a compliment that 10 gallons of my homebrew beer went byebye. That's awesome, because I like to make beer but can't possibly dispose of it fast enough, so I can make more! The cake was incredible, a "tres leches" cake made by a friend of Lourdes. with kiwi and strawberry. Sapo was played sporadically. As the afternoon became evening, the Karaoke machine got some real use. If you happen to know these people... can you imagine Duane (Stumptown) and Jennifer (Royal Coffee) doing "The Thong Song" as a duet? It was unbelievable. Yuri got everybody singing along to that song "I'm a a fool to do your dirty work ..." I swore I wouldn't, but eventually did a lounge-singer version of "Leaving on a Jet Plane". Bob and Helen "Rocked the Casbah". And right off the bat, there was an amazing song about homeroasting someone did, but then they zipped out (who were you? that was great). Of course the SM staff dominated the mic, with Sonny not being shy at all, Josh (who has 100000 talents) has a golden voice, Derek made some crazy song selections (Who put the bop in bop ... was that an "answer to Josh's BeBopaLuLa), Sue with Guns n Roses and Jose+Lourdes and Guantanamera! Duane and Ava had too many amazing metal duets to even count. -Tom

Congratulations on 10 years.

Congratulations on 10 years. I've been a happy customer for about 7 of them. Thanks for your service and products, they are both unparalled. I've even had non-coffee drinkers ask to try your coffee from the aroma alone. Many thanks to both of you and all the best.


Thanks people! Wish you could

Thanks people! Wish you could all make it. At first, I thought we might have a small turnout, but it doesn't look that way at all. Just FYI - this is for fun, so it's not a cupping event or coffee seminar or anything like that ... I mean, that would be fun except it would be a job to prepare for and a clean-up afterward. I am roasting some special coffees for everyone to take (including a slow-roast of Anohki Liberica on the Probat), we'll have a couple brewers there, we might run the Andreja for a little while, but this is more a soda+beer+hotdog+games+relax thing. Kids and spouses and friends are encouraged too! Oh, we printed full color postcards of the new bean close-ups - hope they arrive. -Tom

Congratulations! Wish I

Congratulations! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you but maybe one or both of my sons will make it and drink some coffee for me. See you next trip to CA from ID!

Tom and Maria, Thank you

Tom and Maria,

Thank you for the 10 years of good coffee. I know the party will be a blast, just sad your not still closer to IN.


Dear Tom & Maria, Still

Dear Tom & Maria,

Still knee-deep in home winemaking this time of year, so please accept my thanks for the invite. I will be ordering again and hope to swing by the next time we visit the Bay Area.

Congratulations! 10 years


10 years of running your own business - that's a lot of work.

10 years of bringing happiness to a lot of (slightly weird) people - that's a lot of joy!

Thanks for bringing a lot of joy into my life.


Great, congratulations! Wish

Great, congratulations! Wish I could make it to the party :)

Happy tenth! I love your

Happy tenth! I love your coffees and would be there for the celebration, but the bus trip from Anchorage is a little too much for me.

Have a beer and brat for me. ;o)