2 funky ones: mokha mattari, sumatra lake tawar

For those who love the rustic, funky flavors of natural dry processed coffees, this is an arrival you might pay attention to. It's unusual to offer a coffee with certain qualifications, but I felt this Yemen Mokha Mattari FC+ is so good with the right roast that I put it in the title: FC+, Full City + roast. We received the cryptically named Sumatra 19+ TP - Lake Tawar (translation: 19/64ths or greater bean size, triple pick hand sorting to remove defects). It is a sister coffee to the Iskandar Triple pick, but more rustic, herbal, foresty ... basically, more Sumatra-like. In addition, the wildly popular Ethiopia Organic Idido Misty Valley DP is due next Wednesday (had to revise the date, it isn't ready for pickup as of now). Bear in mind this week we are working through the orders that accumulated from the holidays, and are running about a 48-72 hour shipping lag, just so you know. My advice, wait for the Idido if you haven't enjoyed it yet. -Tom

Elaine, you are just to

Elaine, you are just to funny. DonĂ­t ever loose your sense of humor.

In three days my latest 5lb

In three days my latest 5lb Yemen Mokha Mattari shipment will arrive. Since I've normally been roasting Mokha Mattari at close to Vienna levels for several years, it will be interesting to taste this batch which, it appears, will be great at the FC to Vienna level. I've was mainly a Sanani drinker prior to shifting toward Mattari about two years ago. I occasionally try small amounts of other coffees, but being addicted to the intensity of the Yemeni coffees, the others and their suble flavors just don't grab my attention.

i'm becoming a real big Tom

i'm becoming a real big Tom fan.

can't wait to try the Idido. i can wait as long as it takes.

thanks for your commitment, Tom.

caleb - the Iskandar has a

caleb - the Iskandar has a butterscotch sweetness in it that I am not finding in the Lake Tawar, which is more foresty (read as aromatic wood, humus, pine, cedar, moss, that kinda stuff), herbal (sage and jasmine). i think of leather more with yemeni coffees, but yes, i too remember sumatras with that character. it tends to go away at fc roast tho

brian- yes, the ethiopia organic idido misty valley, the second lot, is coming. but i had to make a correction today. i should be able to get it from the port on monday, not friday as i had hoped. -tom

Just to clarify that last

Just to clarify that last sentence, are you getting in more of the Idido Mist Valley?

It's been a few years, and

It's been a few years, and maybe the crops have been different lately, and it's slightly possible my palate is a little more refined, but my memory of Iskandar Triple-Pick is that it tastes like leather.

So, by "more Sumatra-like", do you mean that the Sumatra 19 Lake Tawar tastes more like leather or less like leather? ;)