3 new coffee lots

New coffee arrivals yet again. We have a new lot of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Moledina 3993, traditional wet-processed floral and citrus, but not sour. This lot is remarkably sweet (think ripe tangerine). The name? It is from the exporter who brought this coffee to our attention, and 3993 is the final digits of the "chop" (ICO lot number). On a different note, new crop Indonesia continues to trickle in. No, not the Sulawesi (which we expect in December, a very short crop this season). No, not another Sumatra. This time a heavy-bodied Timor FTO Maubesse . This lot has more "Java-like" character, more rustic, foresty Indonesia funk than last year's peaberry lot, and a ton of think, viscous body. It also makes a great S.O. espresso at FC+ roast. And for you classic espresso hounds, there's a new lot of India Organic Washed Robusta. Organic from India is good since they have the habit of puffing methyl bromide into the containers before they seal them up. It's not as nasty as it sounds, and a strange choice to make since good clean Specialty coffee is not going to have little bugs crawling around in it (low grade coffees harvested from the ground are a better target for fumigation). Anyway, I have been researching methyl bromide and will write more about the fumigation issue a bit later.

I'm interested in Sweet

I'm interested in Sweet Maria's stand on the Oxfam versus Starbucks Ethiopian trademark issue. While I realize that SM ducks in "under the radar" and chooses lots that cup well and taste great, what will be the effect of any change (either the Starbucks or Oxfam suggestion) on green beans from Ethiopia?

Just curious.

Jeff - fixed the links-

Jeff - fixed the links- thanks for pointing that out. Neo, Tanzania starts to arrive around December or January. We don't buy coffee if ti is round or flat (peaberry or not), we buy for cup quality. It's all about cupping blind and i never know of it is a pb or flatbean during cupping. Cupped a great Tanz preship yesterday but things can change when a coffee is in a container 6 weeks on the sea- so we judge based on the sample of the arrival lot. Had a project with small lot single farm Tanzanias, 6 bags here, 7 there ... didn't work out. The cup just wasn't there. SO we had to back out of that. -Tom

excuse me, when is tanzania

excuse me, when is tanzania peaberry available?

Hi Tom, great, more new

Hi Tom, great, more new coffees! I'm having problems with the links in your post - seems that you need to remove the "/weblog" part for them to work.