5 new arrivals

We have 5 new arrivals, and you can read more about them using the list below. With the new list functions, the latest arrivals are expanded to show their brief flavor description. Guatemala San Jose Pinula -La Trinidad is a small-farm lot with distinct chocolate bittersweets and nice body. Panama Boquete Lerida Estate Peaberry ... well, old-timers at Sweet Maria's know this coffee well, we have loooked forward to its arrival each season. Colombia Huila Valencia (1 Star) is a uncelebrated lot with no great "provenance" but a really nice cup (and a great price). Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza has arrived again, the coffee we placed #2 with in the national SCAA roaster competition. And a very nice decaf, Peru FTO Norte WP Decaf, is available now.