Aeropress Coffee Brewer: Looks Awful. Works Well

A 10 minute video about using the Aeropress medical device uh, coffee brewer. It looks a bit better in HD and a larger video area on youtube. Again, a quick and boring video with no production value, but some decent information. -Tom

Yes - good point. Once you

Yes - good point. Once you are committed, that is it. Unless the plunger is *barely* inserted in the top, you can pull it out our you foul the whole brew. By the way, more comments are over on the youtube.

Thanks Tom - just one

Thanks Tom - just one suggestion (actually a warning)...

After inserting the plunger to temporarily stop the drip as Tom recommends, never, ever pull back up on the plunger - even just a little. The suction will pull the paper filter from the holder and you'll end up with everything, grounds and all, pouring into your cup.