After the holiday, a July present from S.M.

Hi all - I wanted to give a "heads up" on an experiment Maria and I have talked about a lot. Basically, we want to simplify our shipping and also give some incentive to people who are getting hit with higher shipping costs. So starting July 7 at 9am (Monday after the holiday weekend) and running until July 31, we are going to try out this idea: To anywhere in the contiguous 48 states (no AK, HI or AE/AP), Sweet Maria's Flat Rate shipping will be: 0-20 Lbs. = $7.99 21-40 Lbs. = $13.99 41-60 Lbs. = $20.99 Orders can be for coffee and/or merchandise. Shipping method will be our discretion - UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail - so transit times will be between the UPS Ground transit time (up to 6 days to northern New England) and USPS Priority Mail (sometimes mysteriously fast, sometimes mysteriously slow). Can not be combined with other discounts or offers. We might adopt this permanently, but for now it's just July 7-31. We may need to tweak the details as we go - we'll see how complicated it gets and how folks like it. I have some new lots arriving, including that great Ethiopia dry-process Koratie and 2 more Costa Ricas, but we can't pick them up until Monday, so look for them on Tuesday or so. Maria and Ben and I are headed to San Diego tomorrow. Sweet Maria's is closed on Friday. Have a great 4th!