Bare Feet and Betel Nuts...Papua New Guinea.

Tom got back from his most recent trip to Papua New Guinea with a great set of photos and captions. Check out portraits of florescent-toothed coffee pickers, bare-footed locals and find out what a betel nut is by clicking here.  

I did not try it on this

I did not try it on this trip. I had it in India a few years ago, with a lot of spices and it was alright. Something to try, but not particularly enjoyable.

Wow - until what age? By the

Wow - until what age? By the way, I am trying to find a copy of The Highland Trilogy, the 3 part documentary series on PNG (and coffee). Anyone?

Nice pics, PNG is definitely

Nice pics, PNG is definitely an experience . I was born and raised in the eastern highlands. The local coffee gardens was my local playground. If you don't speak the local language or your dressed flashy you will definightly have to watch out for local gangs or "rascals" as most people over there call them. But if you speak the local language those "rascals" are automatically usually really friendly people. Over all the PNG people are some of the nicest most loyal people I've ever met. I live in the US now and I'm a homeroaster, I can't wait 2 check out your new PNG offerings .

did you get the pleasure of

did you get the pleasure of chewing betel nut? the mouth numbing effect is surprisingly effective but what really kills your teeth is the caustic lime soda that people is south asia chew the nut with.

Thanks for reading! -T

Thanks for reading! -T

Fascinating travelogue and

Fascinating travelogue and photos! Thank you Tom, and thank you Sweet Maria!