Behmor roaster & holiday time

The Behmor 1600 roaster is here and we have posted the review on this page.  The Behmor will be a great  roaster for a number of people I am sure - but it is not without its limitations.  Please be sure to check out the review - all 5 pages! Or at least the review summary page. The 2007 holiday rush seems to be on now - ah, the sweet aroma of holiday stress is wafting through the air!  Please remember that we can fall behind our usual speedy turn around this time of year - usually just the beginning of the week and especially after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. So if we are a bit slower responding to your email, phone message, or shipping your order, please understand that we will get back to you as soon as possible. Holiday schedule: Closed November 22nd and  23rd. Closed December 20th through January 1st We re-open January 2nd, 2008 - Maria

I completed my 3rd pound of

I completed my 3rd pound of beans today 2007.11.25 and am greatly pleased with the Behmor 1600, at this point.

(fwiw/imo) Inserting the basket does become easier and based on previous experience, I assume, insertion will become somewhat 'automatic', in time.

In the link I left above there is a picture of my 3rd Behmor 1600 roast. The page is part of a personal info coffee page I am working on.

It is too early for a keen observation, but if the 1600 holds up over time, it will end up being one of my 'better purchases'.

I know - inserting the drum

I know - inserting the drum in the roaster was one of the first things about the roaster that I found annoying. It was slightly improved in the final version compared to the prototypes. Worse than being annoying, and requiring some of this left to right jiggling in the process, I think the greater risk is to walk away from the machine with the drum mounted incorrectly. That's a recipe for fire, if the drum isn't turning ... so our tip sheet puts heavy emphasis on this step, and that you visually verify that the drum is turning freely before you take your eyes off the roaster. It's not a perfect machine, but I think the pluses far outweigh the inconveniences. -Tom

I do a good amount of home

I do a good amount of home roasting ( see my orders ) and I've had the Behmor since last week. I agree with your comments but would add that the mechanism for installing the screen drum is ridicu;ous. My machine had a distance between the two sides that required insertion on the driving right side ( sometimes problematic )and then pulling it out a little without disengaging it to reach the sling on the left. Often it takes multiple tries.
Also there should be a simple gismo to hold the drum when you fill it or put it down. The protrusion on the ends prevents standing it up.
The Gene Cafe, for instance, gives you the plastic holder for the drum. It's great. Frankly they all have something different, and I still like my original Fresh Bean roasters. It all happens right under your nose.