brazil carmo - nazareth dias pereira, colo decaf, moka kadir

Wow - this Brazil is such a beautiful coffee, dark opal green color, remarkable preparation, fantastic to roast in the Probat. I used a roast profile where I reached 1st crack in 11 minutes and dropped the heat at the first pops to extend the time until target temperature of 430 f was reached. The Probat has a lot of steel in the drum and end plates, meaning that there is a lot of conduction of heat to the coffee, so you can drop your flame and "cruise" quite easily in this roaster. That's not the case with roasters like the behmor, which is mainly radiant and convective heat, or air roasters that are pure convection. But the idea is the same, and roast profiles can be matched between different types of machines. It's too early to really cup the coffee, but my goal is to preserve brighter tones in the cup, which should emerge as the cup cools down in tasting. The Colombia decaf was fairly light but colored quite heavily and had a loud pop. I think we'll see oils emerge even though this is a fairly like 430 f roast, but that's a way in which decafs can be weird. The Moka Kadir was a 460 f roast that I slowed considerably at the finish. Should have a lot of chocolate tonality!