Change to Fresh Roast Recommendation

When we first started selling the Fresh Roast SR 300 and SR 500, we recommended a certain technique for an even roast; namely, to remove  the chaff collector  and stir the coffee during the initial stages of the roast when the beans are heaviest.  It turns out that this results in an inordinate amount of chaff getting sucked back into the base of the roaster (because the fan is drawing in air to cool the roaster) and over time it chokes the unit.  Eventually the unit will no longer get hot and the chaff in the base presents a fire hazard. So we have modified our recommendation and suggest you do what Tim Skaling of Fresh Beans does to get an even roast: Run the machine for 1 minute with beans, then hit the COOL button for 30 seconds. Then turn the machine back on to finish the roast. With very dense beans, use the COOL cycle twice during the roast sequence. If you do remove the chaff collector during the roast, be sure to replace it as soon as possible.  You might also want to open the base of the unit from time to time and vacuum out any chaff that has found its way inside (sort of a good idea with any machine). We have updated the annotations on the YouTube videos too on our Fresh Roast Details page.

Yes - I know that about the

Yes - I know that about the SR500 top. Nobody would ever accuse it of being a precision-machine coffee roasting device! But it works ...

My technique for the SR500 is

My technique for the SR500 is to just use 2 measures of green beans, set the timer to 9.9, fan to high and heat to low. At 7.9 I move the heat to med; at 5.9 to high. After 1st crack I move the fan to medium until the 1st sound of 2nd crack, then high fan and cool. this technique suits me as I prefer to roast small amounts often, rather than use coffee roasted more than a couple of days ago.
My complaint about the SR500 is that the two parts of the chaff filter do not fit together and therefore don't close completely, so I get a small amount of chaff on the counter.