Coffee Roasting Basics - Color Changes

Tom has been talking about this for a while ... that we don't have enough basic information about color changes in roasting. Understanding the stages of the roast is fundamental to successful roasting; it is hard to emphasize it enough.   He shot a macro-image video under very strong light to show color changes during the roast process.  He emphasizes the development of each stage (in both air and drum roasts)  and what you can expect to see and hear.  The end of the roast is crucial; in the 15 to 30 seconds from first crack  moving toward second crack, your roast very quickly goes from City+ to Full City+ (and beyond!). Make sure to pull up a stool and pay attention to the end of the roast not matter what method you use. I've added this video to our Visual Guide to Roast page as a permanent fixture. Hope you find it useful. - Maria

Thanks - glad you found the

Thanks - glad you found the video useful -Tom

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[quote comment=""][...] Sweet Maria’s explains how. [...][/quote]

Thank you for this. I sill roast in an I-Roast2 and though I can hear the cracks to an extent, I go much more by sight. I certainly don't always get it right and always wonder if I could have "solved" the slight chemical or grassy tastes when I wind up under-roasting certain beans. I'll be referring back to these images.

[...] Sweet Maria’s explains

[...] Sweet Maria’s explains how. [...]