Coincidentally, Perfect Mocha-Java Blend Ingredients!

We added our new arrival of Ethiopia Kembata Grade 4 Dry-Process, a coffee from Southern Ethiopia with peach, tamarind, lemon, spices and chocolate... complex and intense, another great natural Ethiopia lot. We also have our first new crop Indonesia at the warehouse, Java Kajumas Curah Tatal. It's your typical low-acidity, oily body Java except this coffee has sweetness and nuance I haven't seen in Java coffees in recent years. We suspect it is partially from older Typica cultivars. Coincidentally, these two lots make an awesome Mocha-Java blend, 50% of each!

I think so, but I haven't

I think so, but I haven't tried it. It would need a light Vienna roast, 10-20 seconds from the first sign of 2nd crack, but not a rolling 2nd.

Howdy, greetings from

Howdy, greetings from Mississippi. Just wondering if this Mocha Java blend would make a good espresso shot? I'm about to order some coffees and thought it would be fun to try this blend out. Glad to see all new bells and whistles on the website/blog. Thanks!

I guess my inclination is FC

I guess my inclination is FC on the Ethiopia Kembata, and FC+ to light Vienna on the Java Curah Tatal. I must admit, I have only roasted them pre-blended. I should really try to separate them and see if I can play around with the levels some more... Tom

So I am enjoying the Moka

So I am enjoying the Moka Java blend with these two, my first real success with a blend :) Any suggestions as to the the roasts for each? I've had the best success roasting separate then mixing them.
With the Moka I've gone FC and FC+, and the java at FC. any tips? Ideas?

I'm using the iroast2 and have it set with an extended warm up. I've been roast of about a year, but still have much to learn with roast arcs and blends.

thanks for any help or comments. And thanks again for all the awsome and unique offerings.