colombia cup of excellence, 2 fantastic kenya coffees

We have a Cup of Excellence arrival and 2 new Kenya lots! The Colombia Cup of Excellence - El Caucho is a complex and intense cup, with dark fruited notes, and a unique sweet tobacco finish. Kenya AA Nyeri - Karatina is a bright floral and citrus blossom coffee, a cup that brings the term "pristine" to mind. Kenya Thika - Gethumbwini Peaberry is a powerhouse, with intense brightness, but also deeply fruited berry notes with a winey aspect to them.

Good question . It is kinda

Good question . It is kinda true - but really the main crop arrivals from Kenya and from Central America are still coming. After harvest and processing, coffee needs resting in parchment form for 30 days. Then it takes time to mill it and ship it. Africas can spend 6 weeks on the water. Yes, PNG should be coming. The very first arrivals have been no good. That's not unusual; they are often lower grown lots since the coffee ripens sooner. But there should be nice lots showing up within the next month. -Tom

I was checking out your handy

I was checking out your handy Coffee Production Timetable --does this mean that centrals, south americans, and africans are about to dry up and make way for Indonesians PNG's and Hawaiians?

Saw that you won some lots in a recent El Salvador auction -- how long does it generally take to receive coffee once you win?

As usual, love your site.