Colombia Los Naranjos de Huila

Today we are roasting a pooled Colombia lot from a hundred or so small growers at elevations ranging from 1,600 to 1,900 meters. This is an interesting coffee because it has good qualities at a wide range of roasts from C+ all the way to Vienna. We roasted the samples to four different levels and chose the darkest version which was Full City. When I tried to replicate this roast on the Probat the first batch hit first crack at 405 degrees near the 14:30 mark. Final roast time was 17:00 and I stopped the roast when the thermo-probe hit 438. After grinding up a sample of the target roast and my first batch I compared the color and it looked like I went a little bit too light. Subsequent batches are being taken up to 442 degrees and I'll blend in the slightly lighter first batch--you might want to know that I am roasting 11 total batches today (not to mention 6 batches of Espresso, and 2 batches of Decaf!) so the light beans will be less than 10% of the total beans roasted. The nice thing about a coffee like this is blending a few different roast levels together sometimes yields better results in the cup than just having one roast level. I'm hoping to succeed in getting that dynamic cup Tom speaks of in the review that is both bright and balanced.