Colombia Tolima - Finca Las Florestales

This week we used the profile that worked so well for the Tanzania and applied it to this Colombian coffee.  The only difference is that we were targeting a roast more in the FC range which meant a final temperature of 436 degrees.  This is still a fairly low temp. to achieve a true Full City roast and I might have gone a little too light overall.  One of the tricky things about the difference between the Probat and the sample roaster is that what appears to be a lighter roast on the Probat actually tastes more like a darker roast on the sample roaster.  After grinding a small sample of each it looks like the roast I did yesterday is just a touch lighter than the target roast.  Since it has taken me all week to write this post, I can attest to how much better this coffee tastes after three days rest.  Maybe something to keep in mind for you home roasters, patience can really be a virtue to get the best results when you get around to brewing your own roasts.  Derek and I just recupped this week's roast and find more origin character than the older sample roast which is definitely tasting roasty by now.  Maybe as time goes by the origin flavors give way to the roastier notes, or more likely, I hit just shy of the target roast.