Costa Rica Helsar de Zarcero Villa Sarchi

Helsar de Zarcero represents the combined efforts of Ricardo Perez Barrantes and Rodriguez Villalobos. Their farms are on a high ridge in the area of Alajuela, in the coffee areas of both Zarcero and Naranjo. This MicroLot represents all the Villa Sarchi on their farms. This is a very clean and mild coffee, and we wanted to see if we can pull more dimension out of it by blending 2 roasts. We roasted half the coffee to a very light 428 f, a City roast, and then the other half to 435 f, City +. We blended them evenly. It's too early to cup the results, but we hope to get the clean peach and mild citrus of the light roast with some additional mild chocolate from the C+ roast. I'll update the post or make a comment after cupping in a  couple of days. -Tom