costa rica micro-mills

I posted a Costa Rica Micro Mill travelogue to the new/temporary Sweet Maria's image gallery site. I went on a whirlwind tour of Costa Rica small mills, basically a big shopping trip, looking for new contacts and outstanding coffees. I felt like it was a 8 day trip, but it was only 4 ... filled with cupping, farm and mill tours, hand shaking, back slapping, flim-flamming. Okay, not much of the later, but I can say for sure that the bar for quality has been raised, and there's a whole new approach to coffee in Costa Rica that should give hope to those jaded by neutral cup quality from giant container load "Specialty Coffee." The picture above is new coffee flower buds emerging for next years crop at Las Lajas, an organic farm in Alajuela/Poas area. -Tom

Yes, my friend ... but let's

Yes, my friend ... but let's not forget those of us who like lagers and ales. I jest ...

Hi Tom, It was a great

Hi Tom,

It was a great experience sharing with you our visits to micromills in Costa well as the extensive cupping celebration we had.....definitely the micromills are through their "champagne" microlots are redicovering Costa Rican terroir....look forward to more coffee passionates in participating/supporting this new and sustainable model of micromilling....

I have to say, that is pretty

I have to say, that is pretty exciting to hear as I am definitely one of those who's been left scratching their heads when it comes to the quality costa rican coffee in general. Even with my limited exposure to the coe lots, I thought they were just "ok" at best, leading me to believe the terroir was just not to my liking. Though I guess its possible that may still be true, I'll be interested to see what you're sourcing through this next season.