disappearing post? Tanzania Blackburn and Espresso Guatelope

Hmmm .... I posted about this weeks roasts, the Tanazania Blackburn Estate AA and the special espresso blend I did, Guatelope. But the post seems to have disappeared into the ether. The Tanzania was very juicy, lighter in body than I expected, but appropriately so. You can catch the Kenya-esque hints in there, the dark fruit, berry, black currant, slightly winey, sweet. The Guatelope was a special blend with the focus on flavor and sweetness, not body and mouthfeel. It may seem a little thin, but after 4 days we found it to be pleasantly syrupy. It is 40% El Salvador Mauritania, 40% Guatemala San Jose Ocana and 20% Kenya French Mission Bourbon. So actually it is an all-bourbon blend! We are enjoying it here immensely, pulling shots on the Andreja.

glad to hear that the

glad to hear that the sweetness was there for you. atitlan can work provided it is not too acidic. extra rest time after roasting helps too. i predict the "guatelope" will be really nice at 10 days after roasting...

I also like this espresso

I also like this espresso blend. I can't compare it to any other that I've had because it has a sweetness that others lack. I enjoy varied tastes in espresso and hope someday to craft a blend with Guatemala Atitlan as the base. Your Guatelope is quite the encouragement to try for that goal. My wife enjoyed it with milk also. I use a La Pavoni Europiccola, BTW.