Dolok Sanggul, Lake Toba, Sumatra

Green unripe coffee cherry from Dolok Sanggul area of Lintong,
Sumatra. While these branches are incredibly loaded with fruit, the
crop is smaller overall. Dolok Sanggul just arrived this week, and
we'll be rolling it out in a few days after I finish the review. The Onan Ganjang sample that arrived at the same time is cupping really well, with that herbal, complex flavor true to the Lintong appellation.

This photo is incredible,

This photo is incredible, although it's always sad to hear about a smaller crop. This must affect the workers lives tremendously from season to season. I have found that, in my great roasting adventure, I am drawn over and over to these great coffees - especially the herbal, sweet ones. Onan Gangang, Lingtong Blue Batak, Lake Tawar Extra Bold, I can't get enough. Throw in a bit of forest and I'm in heaven. Who'd have thought?