the eclectic mix of new arrivals

We have an unsual assortment of new coffees. The Winner: a super small lot of Peru Concurso Huallaga - 1st Place, the coffee that won the event I judged in Nov 2006 (it took a bit to get here). The African: We have a new lot of Rwanda Butare Bourbon, from one of the top-rated "washing stations" (i.e. coffee mills), Bufcafe. The Sneaky Decaf: There is not way that, in a blind evaluation cupping of this lot of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe WP Decaf, I would ever suspect it was a decaf; citrus blossoms, orange honey, jasmine. The Stinker: I am excited, yes, actually excited about our new Thumbs Down: Sulawesi Goo Goo Muck lot. It really really sucks!

I just tried my first batch

I just tried my first batch of the Peru Concurso Huallaga. Just wanted to say, "I love it." It's one of my favorites that I've had in awhile.

Forgot to ask; do you have

Forgot to ask; do you have any pure columbia beans? I met a lady from Columbia and she advised me to try some.

I am a new user of green

I am a new user of green beans. Son in law got me started. Would like to know as soon as you get some Kona in and the price. Also would like to know what is your most popular selling bean. Of the samples sent me with my new roaster I have only found one that I did not like. I will be ordering some beans soon.


Ronny James