Espresso Workshop #2 -Auriferous Espresso

Our new Espresso Workshop #1 -Ophiolite blend is selling so well, I couldn't be more pleased. It seems people understand the inspirational concept behind these espresso "editions," which we offer only as long as the specific ingredient coffees are available. So with that, we are ready to roll out #2! This is dynamic, sparkling-bright espresso in the West Coast style: Espresso Workshop #2 -Auriferous Espresso. Auriferous? We are staying with our geologic theme, and it means "gold-bearing." I thought it suited this blend perfectly. Read more about the new blend

An all Wet Processed espresso

An all Wet Processed espresso blend?!?!? In my own personal home espresso blends, I don't think I've ever tried that. I'm going to have to give this "Auriferous Blend" blend a try, just to say I did now. I really like your "Ophiolite Blend" and I can appreciate it's uniqueness even though it's not the type of blend that I would normally make on my own. The idea behind these "Espresso Workshop Editions" is cool too - I hope you can continue to "push the envelope" to new heights as far as putting out new and interesting blends that may not be the norm, but are great nonetheless...