Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley is here, and it rocks.

Yes it rocks ... not an official cupping term, but what the hey. Yes, the much-anticipated Ethiopia Organic Idido Misty Valley DP has arrived, and it was worth the wait; excellent fruited notes with berry accents in the light roasts. We have also just received the special lot of Australia Mountain Top Estate XF, which we get in vacuum packed bags to prevent humidity issues in it's long journey from down under. Great as SO espresso too!.

[...] it’s also not 40 times

[...] it’s also not 40 times as tasty as the ever-popular ethiopia idido misty valley. in fact, this blog’s totally randomized aggregator of online [...]

[...] south carolina persons

[...] south carolina persons would know her by sight and transportation mode, and so bade us drink some ethiopia misty valley on the house, that its wondrous aromatic wiles might distract us [...]

The IMV is THAT good. Can't

The IMV is THAT good. Can't wait to order more.

Harar is having a rough year

Harar is having a rough year due to unseasonable rains during the time the coffee is supposed to be drying outside. I think the Horse lot we have is good, and we have an FTO lot coming that is good, but not spectacular. Both the Idido Misty Valley and the Sidamo Special Selection from Trabocca that we have are great options -Tom

I am finally ordering some of

I am finally ordering some of this special coffee. I like the Harrars but this is supposed to be better? Yum!

Awesome news! Misty Valley

Awesome news! Misty Valley was my favorite bean of the last 12 months, and I was so bummed to see it sell out. I ordered 2 pounds to try it out, fell in love, then tried to reorder only to find it all sold out. I think I need to go in for at least 5 or 10 pounds this time (I'm a small time roaster).

I'm going to have to throw

I'm going to have to throw some coffee on the barbie!