Ethiopia Organic Dry-Process Golocha

Things are starting to even out a little more with the heat on the Probat and our roast times are back in the 15-16 minute range, which is ideal for this Full City roast.  Dry-process coffees tend to produce a wide range of color once roasted and this Golocha is a perfect example.  There are a few quakers to cull out but leave the just slightly lighter beans in there to really enjoy the origin characteristics of this coffee.  First crack came on around 402 degrees and final roast target temperature was 440 degrees.

we can do something like

we can do something like that. the problem is that the representation of color in roasted coffee can be deceptive in images. if we put coffee on our light table with good neutral white balance, it will usually look lighter than it does in most roasting environments. but if you look at other clues, like the opening of the crease in the coffee, the surface texture, then it can be a good comparison. I will see if I can post something here. Take a good look at our visual guide to roasting.
a lot of what we roast here looks like number 10 to number 11. -tom

Would it be possible to post

Would it be possible to post pictures of the beans pre and post roast? I think it would benefit any readers of this blog. I would like it in particular so that I can compare it to my own roasts. Thanks.