A few new things for late summer

While Tom is in Rwanda - I have added a few new merchandise items; at long last we have Ibriks to sell again; we added a Double Wall Glass Bodum French press (which works great to keep the brew hot); and what our customers have all been waiting for.... a Sweet Maria's Soccer/Football! Okay - so no one was waiting for this, no one asked for them, but Tom thought they would be cool anyhow. We decided to sell them to help subsidize the ones we are giving away.- Maria

You've got an extra "http//"

You've got an extra "http//" in your Soccer ball web link. Should be http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.tshirts.shtml.

The Ibriks are tempting, maybe I'll ask for one for a late birthday present, but I think I'll hold out to see what comes of the trip to Rwanda, my favorite coffee origin.


Cool Ibriks - ditto the

Cool Ibriks - ditto the SoccerBall - I assume it is one of those crystal ball thingees with pithy coffee philosophy that floats up when you turn it over! Gotta get one of those sooner or later...

Maria, can you folks sell the saucers separately for the Sweet Marias capuccino sets? As soon as I buy one, it seems like I break the saucer...